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2012/05/06 - Seedlings going crazy

Haven't had time to do much, but wanted to at least post a pictorial update.

The seedlings are just going crazy.  Fiance had to move the peas away from the other plants so they wouldn't start climbing them.…


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2012/04/28 - Wow, things grow fast!

First the BEST news: we caught the critter!  It's a rat.  Cute little bugger, but doesn't need to be in my garden.  I asked fiance to drive him to somewhere with a field and drop him off.  I don't feel any urge to punish him for being a rat, I just don't want him eating my veggies any more.…


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2012/04/15 - Finally got some seeds started

First, check out the fish!  This was feeding time today:

They're all big, healthy, and hungry!

The leeks are beyond overgrown.  I'd left them… Continue

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2012/02/26 - And we're back!

The weather finally warmed up enough, and I had a few extra oomph of energy, so we got things going again.

The critter (type unknown) has been ravaging the plants.  As soon as the broccoli gets the slightest growth he eats it.  It looks like someone attacked the poor plant with a weed wacker.  And the little *^$% is too wily to step into the rat trap.  But my dad is going to help us put up a "real" greenhouse, so that'll fix the problem.  When we finally get around to doing…


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2011/11/01 - Life got busy, but here's a quick update

My fiance finally moved across the country and is here with me now.  Yay!  This means we're doing more on the garden... a little... kind of.  It also means I'm not spending my evenings blogging.  Yay... kind of.  LOL

So here are the updates!

We've once again moved the barrel beds, and we've been hooking up the plumbing on them and the raft bed.  It's almost done.  (It's been almost done for a couple of weeks now, but I think this weekend we'll probably knock it…


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2011/09/11 - A long overdue update


Sorry for the delay, folks!  Life has gotten a little busy.  :-)

On my last post I had harvested a bunch of tomatoes, then blanched, peeled, seeded, and frozen them.  In the weeks since then I've harvested cucumbers and made them into bread and butter pickles (a big hit!), got the cattle trough up onto cinderblocks, and removed the cucumber and tomato plants entirely.  I simply couldn't deal with having cucumber vines all over the ground and hiding all the tomatoes from…


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2011/08/07 - More growth, more changes

Started a fishtank cover.  But the cat jumped in the middle of it and… Continue

Added by Andrea on August 7, 2011 at 8:18pm — 2 Comments

2011/07/09 - Happy and healthy

Everything is growing like crazy.  I'm really thrilled with how this is going.

Here's a salad I made a few days back using some cucumber from a coworker's garden, plus lots of goodies out of mine including the basil flowers I've been pinching back.…


Added by Andrea on July 9, 2011 at 12:15pm — 1 Comment

2011/06/25 - Some new plants

The garden continues to grow well.   Water tests today were very good, except for a bit too much ammonia and nitrates.  I'm going to quit feeding the fish quite so generously, and that should bring everything to perfect levels.

Earwigs are still trying to eat all the leafy stuff.  I have promised myself to take the time tomorrow to make an oil trap.  They just need to go before they destroy everything.

Here are some broad views of the garden:…


Added by Andrea on June 25, 2011 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

2011/06/12 - A bit of rearranging

I got a little work done this weekend.

I discovered that the drain holes of my standpipe had gotten pretty restricted and the growbed was barely draining at all between flood cycles. So everything has been living in 8-10" of water all the time for I-don't-know how long. That certainly explains why the tomatoes were splitting. I twisted the media guard to break off some roots, and I scrubbed inside the standpipe with an old toothbrush, and that seems to have done the trick. The better… Continue

Added by Andrea on June 12, 2011 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

2011/06/04 - Everything's coming up... tomatoes

The new fish are settled in and eating like crazy.  I had planned to move the barrel-tomatoes to a new stand and put rafts on the existing stand since fiance was here for a week... but we found so much other stuff to do that we didn't get any construction done.  On the other hand, we did discuss the wicking beds we'll put in to the dirt garden when he moves in.

Radishes will evidently grow just fine in AP, despite being root veggies.  This gives me great hope for the carrots, as they… Continue

Added by Andrea on June 4, 2011 at 1:00pm — 8 Comments

2011/05/21 - Once more into the breach, dear friends

My dad drove out today and we picked up another batch of fish from the fishery.  My dad hadn't seen the place before, and the owner gave us a nice tour.  My dad was just as impressed as I am.  What an amazing place.

So the owner sold me about 50 fish (plus a few because he's a nice guy) and I've just now gotten them into their new home.  I can't show pictures of them, unfortunately.  The bin I transported them was lined in black plastic, so you couldn't see them.  And now they're all… Continue

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2011/05/07 - RIP sweet fishies

No pictures on this one.

Saturday morning I went out to feed the fish.  They were lively and it was a pleasure to hang out with them.  I did my water tests and the pH was still just a tad higher than I wanted it to be, so I splashed some acid into the sump tank.  Evidently it was too much.  Three hours later I had floaters.  I started flushing with tap water, but my mother was there to celebrate Mother's Day, and she's not an AP fanatic.  So putting her off wasn't an option.  When I… Continue

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2011/05/01 - A LOT of work done!

Over the last 2 weeks I've been expanding.  I built half-barrel growbeds on wooden frames (a la Travis Hughey) and am attaching them to the main setup.  Okay, let's be more accurate: I've cut two barrels, built one frame, and cut a lot of parts to make more... later.

But meanwhile, I got one set completely built and hooked up.  And I've transfered 4 tomato plants into it.  And finally separated all the new little seedings into their own homes in the big bed (now that there's… Continue

Added by Andrea on May 2, 2011 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

2011/04/16 - Pictures, new plants, more plans

We suddenly got snow, and of course my bucket heater died, so drastic action was needed.  Also that bucket heater was getting too expensive to run... when it was running.  Part of the problem was that I had it in the sump tank.  My idea was to keep it well away from the fish until I built a baffle around it to protect them.  But of course I never got to that and meanwhile the water it was heating was too far from the fish so it required a lot more running time.  I purchased a new heater and put… Continue

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2011/03/27 - Pictures

I just couldn't get the pH down far enough, so I finally stopped at the pool supply and bought some muriatic acid.  I poured about a cup into the first of the sump tanks so it would filter slowly through the second tank and into the fishtank.  After testing the pH 24 hours later, it was still quite a bit higher in the sump than the fishtank, so I think that means it was incorporated slowly enough.  I'll test again this weekend, but I'm expecting a pH of about 7.4 and might add another half cup… Continue

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2011/03/05 - Pictures

Everything continues to do well.  Plants are growing, fish are eating and active.  Water is finally up in the mid 70's.




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2011/02/26 - Happy fish, happy plants

Transplants are doing well. Cilantro is up and looking good.  Cucumber is sprouting. Fish are eating well. Lettuce is doing the ridiculous growing-so-fast-you-can-almost-watch thing. Tomatoes are... well... they're growing, but compared to everyone else they look like they aren't.

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2011/02/21 - In which home grown produce is eaten!

Saturday a friend came to hang out for the weekend, and we went out through the softly falling snow (yes, in California, I swear) into the sultry air of the greenhouse, and I pulled up a bunch (it's not really a head at this point) each of the red leaf and the butter leaf.  I tore off the root ends, gave the leaves a simple rinse and spin, and put on a nice homemade vinegarette.  The salad was amazingly good.  My friend and I both were stunned at how flavorful the lettuce was compared to store… Continue

Added by Andrea on February 21, 2011 at 4:30pm — 3 Comments

2011/01/30: Two week follow up on plants and fish

The lettuce are SO happy in their new home!  They're growing so quickly I almost feel I could stand there and see it happen.  These are actually several seedlings in each group, so I'll separate them in another few weeks when they're big enough, and strong enough, that I think I can do it without hurting anyone.…


Added by Andrea on January 30, 2011 at 9:00am — 4 Comments

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