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2012/04/15 - Finally got some seeds started

First, check out the fish!  This was feeding time today:

They're all big, healthy, and hungry!

The leeks are beyond overgrown.  I'd left them in for nitrate control, but now that the other plants are established, it's really time to remove them.
The tomato plants are getting nice and big.  We'll need to get the cages on soon:

The cilantro is well established, and we'll have to start pinching it back so it doesn't get too leggy:

Basil and strawberries are well, though That Critter still gets every strawberry as soon as it's ripe:

Oregano and one lettuce are okay:

And I put a bunch of new seeds into pots in the raft bed!

But that's just one small part of one raft... out of 5 rafts:

Progress again.  What a relief!

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