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Sean Short's Blog – March 2011 Archive (5)

I Got Worms!

I have added red worms to my system. I was able to get a hold of some free worms thanks to a nice lady. I got about a large yogurt container full of worms and bedding. I put about 20 worms into my grow beds to see what happens. I have started a worm bin with the remaining worms. 

I learned a lot about red worms today. I showed up to a…

Added by Sean Short on March 31, 2011 at 3:41pm — 2 Comments

Tomatoes & Spinach

I have seeded some Italian Grape tomato and spinach a couple of different ways. I directly placed some spinach into the right growbed about 1/2" below soil line. This is slightly above the water's max fill. I have also planted some spinach and tomato seeds into some 1"x1"x1" rockwool cubes. It has been only about 4 days since I seeded so I expect to see sprouts soon. I placed the cubes in direct sunlight beneath a window to help expedite the growth.…


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Running strong

The system is doing great. Been running for 85+ days now. My greens look very green and are getting bigger. Still no carrot mass under the medium. Oh well. I have some grape tomato seeds germinating and plan to plant those girls soon. I’m also going to look into getting some spinach because I’ve read that it grows well in a system that floods as often as mine.  


     My goldfish are doing great and they are slowly growing. There are eight left. It has been that way for the…


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Days go by...

It has been a few…


The system seems to be getting stable. I am currently at 8 fish and some underdeveloped carrots. The roots of my carrots are not forming into a tuber.  I have Italian grape tomato seeds en route and hope to have better luck with above ground fruit. I am able to see that the carrot greens are a nice green color with only traces of light green on a few leaves.  I have confidence that the plant food is available in abundance for tomatoes. 




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Practice makes perfect

All is well in my system. I have only had 2 fish die since my last post. I am not sure as to why, but it is promising. I had to relocate my system to another room because the room it was in needed to be used for storage space. I couldn't fathom showing people my system in a room full of other things. I have begun to notice the lack of growth with my carrots and onions. The greens of the plants are nicely colored but have lost their turgidity and seem to not be producing a larger root. I…


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