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It has been a few…


The system seems to be getting stable. I am currently at 8 fish and some underdeveloped carrots. The roots of my carrots are not forming into a tuber.  I have Italian grape tomato seeds en route and hope to have better luck with above ground fruit. I am able to see that the carrot greens are a nice green color with only traces of light green on a few leaves.  I have confidence that the plant food is available in abundance for tomatoes. 


I would like to get more fish but I am hesitant to do so because it might unbalance my system and potentially threaten the fish I have managed to keep alive. A smaller population is easier to keep alive. I suppose that if I don’t try I can never know for sure.  When I do get more fish I plan to get more fake plants that the fish can hide under/around. They have seemed to like the fake plants I have in the tank currently. When I look into the tank, most of the fish are hidden beneath some sort of cover. 


Until later...Happy Cultivating!

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