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As the days go on the plants continue to thrive. The habaneros are getting larger. The tomato is growing like crazy. I continue to weave it down and within a couple days the plants are stretched out reaching towards the window. I feel they want better light than the shop light with aquarium bulbs.

The fish are feeding voraciously. I try to make sure to give enough flakes for 5 minutes of feeding. I still am doing this twice a day. I am going to switch to a different feed here pretty soon. Something more nutritious than the flakes I have currently. I am considering an automatic feeder. More on why in a few.

I am leaving off for school in a week. I will no longer be able to operate my system. I am passing on the system to another to whom I am teaching the "basics".

I have learned a lot over these past months and I hope to take this knowledge that I gained and apply it to future experiences.


I have my first flower! Okay, so the sepals have just opened and the petals are following. It is a good day for this plant. It has finally reached maturity!


Now if I could just keep providing the plant an excellent source of light, she would flower like crazy...

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