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The system is doing great. Been running for 85+ days now. My greens look very green and are getting bigger. Still no carrot mass under the medium. Oh well. I have some grape tomato seeds germinating and plan to plant those girls soon. I’m also going to look into getting some spinach because I’ve read that it grows well in a system that floods as often as mine.  


     My goldfish are doing great and they are slowly growing. There are eight left. It has been that way for the last month. My little survivors. I want to add a few more fish so I will have potential nutrients for the tomatoes once they get into the system.  


     I have been testing water quality regularly. I test the pH daily and about once a week I test the ammonia/ammoniums, nitrates and nitrites. My levels for those three have been about zero for the last 60 days or so. My water temperature has been staying around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH is staying around 7.2 (according to my dye). I would like to see it around 7.0. I am slowly trying to get it closer to 7.0. Aside from that the fish look happy as they swim and chase each other around. 

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