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All is well in my system. I have only had 2 fish die since my last post. I am not sure as to why, but it is promising. I had to relocate my system to another room because the room it was in needed to be used for storage space. I couldn't fathom showing people my system in a room full of other things. I have begun to notice the lack of growth with my carrots and onions. The greens of the plants are nicely colored but have lost their turgidity and seem to not be producing a larger root. I suspect I would see a developing root by this time and I have not. I am beginning to think that the way I have the ebb & flow setup provides too much water to these types of crops. They receive a source of water several times per hour, which I believe is too wet of an environment. I have read of potatoes grown hydroponically so I am not deterred from attempting to grow onions and carrots hydroponically. The carrots and onions seem to dislike my particular ebb & flow.


I am planning to change crops and plant some peppers and grape tomatoes. I think above ground fruit will grow better in my system. Time will tell. 

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