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Scribed by the Sculpturerist Apprentice

Alas learning is the path we all must travel to reach the end of our inter-kingdom epicurean quest. I had the luck of working under the tutelage of the master water sculpturerist. On a past visit to the outdoor art exhibit disguised as an Aquaponics Garden in Orlando. I quickly recognized the work of a water Alchemist. One can can make the element move in mysterious ways. I was accepted as an momentary apprentice from by this master and she came of to my outdoor man cave to help me learn her magic ways. We changed my multi-pump system into a single pump multi-outlet system. My most recent creative design was to install the Philosophers stone of water movement. The Indexing Valve. So here is what this little invention does. It moves the aqua lifeforce other wise know as fish tank water thru the garden. It flows thru the three separate Vertigro rows and also to the Aliflor gravel bed. The valve has 6 outlets. Here is how it is plumbed now.
1 - Fish tank
2 - Vertigro single row in the greenhouse
3 - Vertigro double row in the greenhouse
4 - Fish Tank
5 - Vertigro double row outside the greenhouse
6 - Aliflor gravel bed.
Well it all went very well with the design and install. But the student didn't listen to the master. Learning is a hard path to travel sometimes. The master told me to glue the joints and fasten the valve to the incoming line. Well being the young (in experience only) apprentice I am, I didn't glue the valves right away. So in the last few weeks I found myself pushing the joints back together several times when they came disconnected. So I have learned this lesson. I think. Today I glued many joints. Not all. I still left some so I could disconnect some of the lines.
The moral of this story is DO WHAT the Pros tell you to do. Learn from their mistakes.

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Comment by Green Acre Aquaponics on November 3, 2010 at 8:19pm
Comment by TCLynx on October 31, 2010 at 7:57pm
Ah but if you had glued them all the first time you would not have gotten the lovely showers of AP water to bless you in your learning. Everyone must occasionally take an AP shower or bath. And those who don't do their learning with siphons and wet feet, must occasionally spray themselves with pumped water.

Good to hear that things are working well and that you have managed to adjust the liner in the fish tank.

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