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The sweet seduction of running my fingers through the red stuff.

I have been an avid loyal devote of the vertigro stacks. Then I built the float tanks below the hanging vertigro stacks to collect the recalculating flow. Sue the float tank looks interesting and I like putting my feet in it when I have to get to the south wall of the greenhouse. Then I came up with the great idea of building a gravel bed to be the filter for the first stop of the fish tank water. Little did I know that when I bought 10 cubic feet of Aliflor what I was in for. So I built the Aliflor bed. Funny thing I got caught up in building it and painting it Caribbean blue. I even bought fish decals to make it look like a school of fish in the water. I don't know what possessed me to do that. Now i do.

Today I got the opportunity of planting in it. Then it happen. Ahh the sweet seduction of running my fingers through the red stuff. I know all you gravel bed growers know what I am talking about. When it is filled with water it moves away from my fingers like being weightless in space. I don't know what come over me but I kept finding myself moving the Aliflor back an forth and lifting it up from the bottom. For some strange reason I left about a foot of the bed unplanted. I could never understand why folks would plant these gravel beds that seem to hold so few plants. They always seem to be moving the plants from one area of a bed to another. Lifting the plants out and replanting. Know I know about the sweet seduction of the red stuff. Tomorrow I think I will have to replant a few I am sure and maybe transplant a bigger plant to the bed. Hmm I guilty. Maybe I will have to go out there tonight and check on it.

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