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Immortal Alien Tilapia. Yes that is right I have now learned that those aliens who I have written about before are immortal. I know some of you have joined the resistance yet but I know have proof that they are Aliens and immortal. Here is how I have found out. I built 5 tanks in my greenhouse for what I thought was just fish. I only have 2 of them lined to hold water. All of my fish (ha they still think I am not on to them) in one tank due to my sloppy tank lining job. The second tank starts leaking at two thirds the way full. The lining is folded wrong and it leaks out. So about 2 and half months ago I pulled the siphons and let the 2nd tank stand with only 1/3 of the water in it. I netted out all of the fish and put them in the one full tank. So no fish in tank two. I turned off the air line and let it essential rot. Not a good move. But I was going to get to it. I floated some seedling beds on top and more or less forgot about it. It started to get ripe. Today I had to fix the liner on the main tank so I had to drain the rotting tank so I could clean it out and move the 50+ fish to it while I fixed the liner.
At about 8 inches I noticed a rotting dead small fish in the water. I of course scooped it out and went about draining the water more.
Count them folks 6 yes Six live 5 inch plus aliens were swimming around in the bottom of that tank. So tell me how mere mortal Tilapia could have survived in 60 gallons of putrid water with no oxogen or feed for over 2 months. Ha proof the that they are aliens. I knew it. They used their mind control on me and I did move them to the main tank and then when I was done with it all they are back with the other invasion force. Now many hours later I can regain my consciousness and tell the rest of the resistance underground about this discovery. Don't be fooled by those so called fish suicides they are all immortal I am sure of it. Unite fellow warriors and ask yourself have you seen proof of their immortality. How could they hold their breath that long?

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Comment by Sylvia Bernstein on November 10, 2010 at 7:46pm
This is probably why I can't bring myself to kill them, Cosmo. They have worked their alien magic on my weak mind.
Comment by Green Acre Aquaponics on November 5, 2010 at 8:20pm
I'm with you Cosmo! They are probably telebeaming info about you right now to the Tilapian mother ship!
Comment by David Hart on November 1, 2010 at 7:36am do you say ..."Beam me up Scotty".... in tilapian...?
Comment by TCLynx on October 31, 2010 at 8:24pm
I've had some fry survive rides through pumps and even navigate through grow beds. No wonder the authorities are against them being released into natural waters.

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