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Maybe it won't be that difficult after all

My boss has our old trailer and he's offered to loan it to me. My exhusband has a Honda Element that is already set up to tow that trailer, and he said I could borrow it if he has time to fix the broken motor mount. My local fish guru said it was really important to keep the water level in the transport barrel less than halfway, and that means it will weigh less than 200 lbs instead of the expected 400. If I'm using the trailer and the Element, I *will* be able to use the cigarette lighter, so I purchased a 12' extension for that (omg cheap for those things) and I'll be able to run the 12 volt bubbler (which the seller is also providing) directly off of that so the fish will be well aerated. And there are only about 25 fish, so this shouldn't be a huge deal after all.

What a relief!

While I was talking to my fish guy (at lunchtime today) I also picked up a water mover that he says uses very little power but will help keep the fish happy and healthy, and some small pellet fish food, and a dechlorinator. I asked him about putting these fish into my local water supply and he said that with this (all natural) dechlorinator, and my white vinegar to bring the pH down to whatever they're living in, and the tank of water sitting overnight right next to the barrel of fish (so the temperatures equalize) I should be fine.

And with only 25 fish, it's not a huge expense to replace them if I do lose them. I'd hate for that to happen, since I'm responsible for their lives, but it's not devastating financially at least.

My dad has offered to drive out to my house so he can ride to Santa Barbara and back with me (and presumably sharing in the driving). That's very generous of him. I'd love to spend the time with him, of course, but that'll be more than 10 hours of car ride in one day for him. I've got wonderful audiobooks to keep me company, and I don't mind long drives as long as it's not rush hour, so I think I'll just have him come out Sunday and help me set up. That's going to be the exciting part, after all!

The greenhouse is ordered, and is expected to arrive on Wednesday. It's just an open-bottomed hoop greenhouse, so it should be very easy for me to set up and move by myself. I'm not sure if I should set it up ahead of time and lift it over my completed system, or set up the whole system and assemble the greenhouse over the top. I'm putting it under a large arbor, so I will have limited airspace for lifting it. But then, I might just need to open up the front wall (doorway) all the way and kind of slide it over. If so, I think it would be best to have it set up in advance. I can't pick up the system until after 6 on Saturday, and I expect it'll take a little while to load it and be social to the seller, and then a 4 hour drive home... I won't feel like doing much of anything and I *must* get the tank placed and loaded, and the barrel nearby it. By the time I'm done with all of that, I won't have any urge to be setting up a greenhouse (and in the dark no less). Best to have that already done.

Oh! Reminder to self: buy or rent a hand truck. Now that I'm not renting a truck, I won't already be there to rent the hand truck.

This is becoming less of a panicked mess and more of a well organized plan. Not bad progress for 24 hours...

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Comment by TCLynx on October 26, 2010 at 11:35am

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