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In which we may start a business... or two

One of the challenges of building your own system (or components) out of food-grade containers is finding said containers at a reasonable price somewhat locally. I've been searching / researching for several months now with limited success, but then again I haven't been trying all that hard because it was still just preliminary research. But now that I have a system coming, and it'll need a sump tank immediately and some additional grow beds soon, I got a little more serious.

Luckily, I found a guy right around the corner from work who has a huge supply of them in various sizes.

Business offer #1: He would like me to resell some from my place.

The guy is familiar with aquaponics, and is aware of how his containers can be used to build systems, but doesn't know how to build a system himself and has been looking for someone to partner with who does know how.

Business offer #2: Build and sell small, domestic AP systems.

I've talked to Paul about both ideas and he's in favor. He'll probably need to be the one building and selling, since I've got a full time job already. But that's really one of the things we'd planned to break into anyway, so this is just a huge step in that direction.

Opportunities galore, as soon as he can get here!

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