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I am blessed above all I can ask or think

Aloha eveyone

This is an update to my last blog about waiting.  I told you that I ended up getting the cinder blocks for 50 cents Well the price is now down to 50 cents.  I go to pay for them tomorrow before he owes me. Dave is the guy whotold me about how Cuba survived the last 40 years or so, with our embargo and the fall of the soviets.  He told me about the movie on You tube.  I watched it and was amazed. There was this guy named Roberto moderating the movie and explaining all the Cubans had to do to survive and then prosper.  We need to take a page out of their book.  Well yesterday I was even more amazed.  Roberto came to my house for a tour of the aquaponics.  I have this good friend Ken who loves to bring people to my house.  He recently went to Cuba to see it first hand and had Roberto come to Oahu for some lectures.  I think he has a PHD in agriculture.  So he took a tour of the farm and then last night we had a potluck at a nearby far and he talked to us for a couple hours.  I am very jealous because my WWOOFers get to eat dinner witth him tonight and listen to his main speech.  I had to work but I still feel so very blessed just to have had him take a tour.  

Another update is about the class Kirsten and I put together.  We had 15 teachers and 10 high school students.  I am thinking how can we do this in 4 hours.  Well Kirsten was late so we didn't have any time to rehearse but we work so well together that it doesn't matter.  The class was late because the bus got lost.  To make matters worse I got the dates mixed up and we had another tour of kids going through so  all 60 people showed up at the same time.  I handed the tour off to the WWOOfwers and started the class .  We were down to 3 hours now.  But it was amazing.  A little rough in the beginning but to my amazement we finished all systems in 2.5 hours.  I really think everyone had fun.  We had to hold it among the fruit trees because it was so hot.  Nobody seemed to mind we had so much fun.  I hope to put some pictures here to show you what we made.  As always my WWOOFers were a big help.  The tour of 4th and 6 graders loved the WWOOFers and asked lots of questions.  It is so good to see young people interested.  There eyes light up when you show them the BSF larvae and how you collect them.  The lady who brought them through was so satisfied that she wants to bring students down to work with the WWOOFers.  What a blessing.  The only way to win this revolution is for young people to catch the fire.  

It turns out that we had some important teachers in our group.  One was the Director of Sustainability at our University that is getting a new campus with a sustainability farm on it, West Oahu College.  She now wants to work with Kirsten and I when she gets back from her trip.  The blessings keep falling.  I just hope we are worthy of them and can fulfill the needs.  AS I say we haven't gone out to ask for any of this yet it keeps happening.

I just set back and think about how these systems will be put in 15 different schools where scores of young people will see.  You all know when you were first exposed to aquaponics it catches hold of you and you can not get away.  So I know that many will get caught in the wonderful fun filled  web of aquaponics and probably join this site.  How can you not fill blessed.  

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Comment by Sahib Punjabi on June 16, 2012 at 6:58am

Nice Zero Lot system :-)

God bless

Comment by Carey Ma on June 16, 2012 at 12:21am

Good going girl! Kudos to you.

Comment by Steve Bradbury on June 14, 2012 at 12:09pm

Amazing work your doing Raychel!!

Kids so need to be exposed to this type of thing, to fan the sparks in their young minds.

hope you have a continually blessed day!!


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