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I looked up the origin of this phrase and found it really isn't known but someone used it in a poem but the last line was that it comes to late.  I want to tell you of a story that the waiting pais off big time.  Kirsten (this site) is my partner in crime for looking for all things aquaponic.  We have been waiting together for quite some time for things that are economical.  I have wanted hallow tile blocks for almost 1 year now.  I need to raise my original troughs off the ground.  I want to raise them due to many problems, toads, my dog, aching back, etc:  I want blocks to set the trough on.  I tried to figure other ways but nothing worked to my satisfaction.  So I waited.

    I used to have a good source of IBC tanks.  I got them for $30.  The source seamed endless.  The well dried up, so I waited.  I needed some source of material to hold up the troughs, so I waited.

Another phrase is "Good things come in threes".  Well about a week ago I was looking at Craig's list late at night.  The usual IBC offers are there, $175, $200, $220.  But then I found a site where they wanted only $80 per tote.  I sent an email to Kirsten who called the people the next day and got us 10 for $60 each.  Not only that the had been washed 4 times.  We went down to see the people to pick some up.  They turned out to be a wonderful couple that lived not far from me.  By the time we got there the aquapon communmity had decended upon them.  They had sent 120 to Kauai, Albert (this site) had rounded up 40 for his people.  So they ask up the deadly dquestion What is this thing called Aquaponics?

When you ask me that you are in for it and remember I had Kirsten with me.  We feed off each others energy when we talk aquaponiocs.  Needless to say by the time we had finished talking we had a convert.  They came out to my house that evening to see it in action.  The next time we went by to pick some up he was already cutting his totes.  He is so excited, stays on You tube and ask the age old question " How does that siphon work.  The source of tote is unending he runs a business that he has to import liquids.   I have already sent people to him. 

2.  We needed barrels for the class we are going to teach for the Malama Learning Center.  A group of 15 teachers with their choice of student so 30 people.  Each will make a small system and take it back to their school or class.  You can get barrels at the bakery but maybe 2 at a time if you call at the right time before someone else gets them.  Pauline the lady from the learning center found us a source (unending) for $20 each and he delivers. 

3.  Still got the blocks and some material to wait for but by now my hopes are up.  Again late at night reading Craigs list I find a nursery going out of buisness not to far from my house.  Email to Kirsten She calls him up and he has lots of things for sale especially tables with hollow tile holding them up.  We go there and does he have hollow tile over 1000.  Wants $1.00 a piece which I think is great.  We bought them all as I don't think I will pass this way again.  He appears a little gruff because he is tired of bickering with people but we just tell him we will buy what we can afford.  Well we have our WWOOFers carry off a load and we go in to talk price and finalize.  He asks us what we are doin.  Again the fatal question.  So we tell him our objective of trying to teach people how to economically raise food and be good to the enviornment. Turn out he is into this type stuff.  Kirsten and I have to go talk to some people at the Community college about teaching a class on aquaponics and how to build an economical syste.  We toold lour guys to pick up another load.  They called us up later and asked us what we had said to this man because he was now giving us loads of stuff.   We rented a big flatbed to carry all the blocks and stuff.  Before we could even get finished he lowered the price of a block to 75 cents.  It took us 6 loads in the big truck to get everything meanwhile he just kept giving us stuff.  The last time I saw him he said he would find a way to adjust the bill lower.  I still haven't paid him yet.  We put a downpayment on it.  He actually gave us all those tables we went to look at. 

As a side note we went to the community college and they are going to let us teach a personal enrichment class on building small aquaponics system and then on how to use them.  It sounds as if it takes off we will be around for awhile. 

So the waiting did not come too late and it came in such abundance that we still can't conceive of it.  You probably are wondering why we bought all 1055 blocks.  We want to make it so that others don't have to wait so long.  We will share our supply that God has given us with others.  To say I am stoked is an understatement.  I am blessed beyond all measure.

I once told Sylvia that I was like the Pied Piper that if I get a passion for something I just naturally draw people into my  passion.  Let me tell you though when you get 2 people with the same passion working together people are doomed to a life with Aquaponics system around their house and yard.  They will not be upset but will realize the joy and peace it brings.

So don't give up on waiting.  Your ship will come in fully loaded

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Comment by Converse on May 22, 2012 at 10:20am

Encouraging and inspiring words at just the right time!

Thank you!


- Converse

Comment by Kenneth J Roche' on May 22, 2012 at 7:46am

Truly inspiring! thx for sharing.

Comment by Carey Ma on May 22, 2012 at 6:46am
Great story Raychel. I could only wish I lived in a civilized country with IBC totes and barrels. It seems my efforts with AP are fizzling out... at least my chicken enterprise and consultations are keeping me afloat. Please pray for me.I think AP could still be a big hit here someday. Meanwhile, I'm waiting......
Cheers Sista

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