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Indoor Hybrid Aquaponics System we recently built

I was hoping to show a new system that we made for a community learning centre in Northern Japan. This had been set up in Minamisanriku, a town that had been practically wiped off the map by last year's earthquake and tsunami.  

We had the support of the Australia and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan and several other groups, but we also have to thank two members of this forum who wish to remain anonymous, but who made a significant donation to the…


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DIY Aquaponics Guides

If anyone is interested we have put together some basic guides to help people who are looking at starting their own aquaponics systems.  We are writing more of them every week, but the first few are now up and running.


A lot of this information is garnered from various sources from all over the web, and from various forums and blogs - including this one of course, but we hoped that drawing those sources together into single easy-to-read guides might be helpful.…


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Aquaponics for Schools in Japan - Yokohama International School

Last Friday, Japan Aquaponics installed their first school system in Yokohama International School - much to the delight of the Year 4 kids who helped us to put it all together and set everything up!  YIS already has a small system running in their cafeteria courtesy of another one of our first client... their chef... and because of that, about a month ago we visited the school and gave a series of classes to about 100 of the children and staff.   …


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Agriculture Consumes 92% of Freshwater Used Globally (Aquaponics doesn't!)

I saw this article this morning and thought it may be interesting for other members.  It seems to underpin the need for alternative agricultural methods such as aquaponics, as well as the need to educate consumers into moving towards a fish-based diet rather than a meat based one:

Aragon from Japan Aquaponics

Agriculture Consumes 92% of Freshwater Used Globally -…


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Salmon Sperm in the DVD Player?

I spotted this today and could not resist posting... now we have yet another reason to try salmon in aquaponics!  

Salmon Sperm Is Your Next Generation Optical Storage Device…


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How Designing Smarter Farmers' Markets Will Help Our Cities Survive

I thought that this might be of interest to commercial aquaponics growers in particular... but anyone with an interest in urban sustainability really:

© Dan Carmody

Daniel Carmody, President of the Eastern Market in Detroit, is a passionate speaker, and entranced many of us attending the…


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DIY Black Soldier Fly Composter

Hi there,

I am sure that most people already know about this method of composting and fish-food produciton, but I came across this decent video of how to make a DIY Black Soldier Fly composter.  The larvae from these systems consume a huge amount (really huge!) of waste food (including meat) and turn it into:

1.  Much less waste (and a kind of fertiliser liquid gold)

2.  Big fat soldier fly grubs that are about 60% protein and fantastic free fish…


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Japan Aquaponics - Micro System 4 - I think we might have cracked it!

Hello everyone,


I have just looked at the front page and I have to apologise for seeming to take up half of it with various photos, videos, updates etc... it seemed they were everywhere so sorry for hogging the white space!


As you may have gathered from previous posts, I am trying very hard to put together a micro system that could be used in schools in Japan, but particularly we want to donate them to schools in the regions that were severely affected by the…


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Aquaponics in Japan - Micro Aquaponics Model 2

So, after the last micro aquaponics system ended up looking and working very nicely.. but being far too big to easily transport around, we decided to make an even micro'er system!  This one can easily be split apart for transporting to schools around Tokyo and Chiba to show the kids exactly what aquaponics is.


If anyone has any information or notes about aquaponics that they use to give to children, I would love to take a look at those before I start designing them from…


Added by Japan Aquaponics - アクアポニックス 日本 on November 2, 2011 at 10:37pm — 4 Comments

Japan Aquaponics - Micro-Aquaponics Unit thoughts

Lessons learnt from the micro-system.  


Initially I had the loop siphon on the side like in the photos - this worked ok but not reliably for me and so moving the outpipe to the bottom of the growbed worked much better.

Because it is so small it fills and drains very quickly - I am not sure if this will be ok or not so I may need to fit a timer to the pump.  The dilemma is that I would ideally like a really small flow of water - but to pump the water high enough I…


Added by Japan Aquaponics - アクアポニックス 日本 on September 21, 2011 at 4:04pm — 6 Comments

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