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Aquaponics for Schools in Japan - Yokohama International School

Last Friday, Japan Aquaponics installed their first school system in Yokohama International School - much to the delight of the Year 4 kids who helped us to put it all together and set everything up!  YIS already has a small system running in their cafeteria courtesy of another one of our first client... their chef... and because of that, about a month ago we visited the school and gave a series of classes to about 100 of the children and staff.

The school decided that they wanted their own system as it would fit in perfectly with their living cycles currculum, and so taking into consideration size requirements we hand-built a system for their school.  It is in prime display immediately in front of you (and the window) as you come up the stairs and so will undoubtedly generate a lot of interest from the children!

This is a 220 litre fish tank, with a 180 litre growbed, running on a very simple timed flood and drain cycle, but which can easily be changed to a bell siphon as part of the children's science classes.

We will be updating their webpage as the project develops, and will include all the details of water quality, plants, water additions etc etc... as well as new photos of course.

Please do take a look and tell us what you think!

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