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This is a group for those that want to stay connected with Green Acre Aquaponics. At Green Acre, we are focused on optimizing commercial growing with the newest techniques and technologies for integrated system growing.  Recognizing the value of integrating media bed growing into raft (DWC) technology, this hybrid aquaponics design optimizes nutrient density by allowing the additional metabolization of valuable solids typically removed from DWC systems. Why remove the most valuable element in an aquaponic system when it can be utilized to produce better and more abundant growth?

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Green Acre Update!

Started by Gina Cavaliero. Last reply by Aquaponik Berater Sep 5, 2013. 1 Reply

Hi there!  We have been so, sooo busy here at the farm that there is little time to check in here or update about what we've been doing and what has been going on and there has been lots!  Our latest…Continue

Tags: commercial, Acre, Green, aquaponics

Biosecurity in Aquaponic Systems

Started by Gina Cavaliero. Last reply by Peter B. Fogg Feb 23, 2013. 15 Replies

In light of the recent conversation surrounding worms in an aquaponic system and the potential of the introduction of contaminants, I had a discussion with Jim Rakocy about it.  After having visited…Continue

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What Criteria Must be Met to be Aquaponically Grown?

Started by Gina Cavaliero. Last reply by Linda Sunshine Haynie Mar 24, 2012. 19 Replies

Is any product that is grown with fish effluent water qualified to be considered aquaponically grown?  For instance, a plant in a pot filled with peat and vermicompost or other media and placed in a…Continue

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Farmers Market Tips and Tricks!

Started by Gina Cavaliero. Last reply by Chris Schup Dec 7, 2011. 19 Replies

Part of being a community connected small farm is having a thriving Farmers Market presence.  After a lot of trial and error and also getting some great tips from Ann Forsthoefel's presentation at…Continue

Tags: marketing, selling, market, farmers

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Comment by Dave Lindstedt on January 28, 2012 at 1:22pm

Good idea Dave.  Today I planted the 3 drogon fruit I propigated plus 2 more cuttings into one of my grow beds.  Also I planted 3 lemon grass from the Philippine food store the last week in Dec. 2011 in my grow bed.  I checked them this morning and I have 6 inches of roots coming out of the net pot.  I have to do some research, but I may have to start dividing them.  I also planted a ginger root in a net pot this morning.  My wife bought a couple kiwi so now I have to do some research on growing kiwi. This is starting to get interesting. 

Comment by Dave & Yvonne Story on January 27, 2012 at 8:26pm

I hope you document and photograph

Comment by Dave Lindstedt on January 27, 2012 at 8:17pm

On dragon fruit.  I bought mine (4 plants) in 2010 and they got hit hard with frost. Most froze to the root line. I replant one to a container that is doing well and may be producing an actual fruit.  Two others are in the ground  and other one is gone.  Then a friend gave me a large one in  a container.  I have managed to propagate 3 more plants from cutting from that plant and I am ready to try 2 or 3 more.  I am looking to move those 3 new plants into my aquaponics grow bed. 

Comment by TCLynx on January 27, 2012 at 5:09pm

Well in Oz they call papaya PawPaw.

In the USA the PawPaw is a completely different plant and grows in temperate climates.

To grow papaya in Wisconsin, you will need to start them in the summer in a big enough pot to keep them happy till after frost and you will have to bring them into a protected environment for the winter they don't do well with frosts or freezing temperatures through they occasionally survive cold snaps in FL, they wouldn't in Wisconsin.  Come warm weather you plant them out and maybe you can get fruit before cold or maybe not.  If you have an aquaponics system in a heated greenhouse you might manage.

Comment by Dave & Yvonne Story on January 27, 2012 at 10:12am

my impression is

pawpaws and are the USA version of papaya. a little hardier than papaya. 

Comment by Dianne Wonder on January 27, 2012 at 8:50am

Love the "exotic" ideas.  But what if I could just move some southern fruit northward?

Anyone try growing Pawpaws?  I saw Murray H grow them in Austrailia.  Here in Wisconsin, I can grow the trees but they don't set fruit.  They spoil so quickly they need to get to market quickly. 

Interested in your experience.

Comment by Dave Lindstedt on January 26, 2012 at 7:39pm

Dave Story and I have had the pleasure of exchanging personal e-mails.  Dave has grown some "exotic" plants & trees, that peaked my interest. So here is the result.  The other day I purchased my first papaya, with a view of cultivating the seed.  I then hit the local health food store, where I purchased a pound of Medjool dates and a pound of black mission figs.  Today I planted 7 of the seeds from tose dates and 24 sections of dates with a view to raising fig trees.  I found a friend of mine had a pomergranate tree who offered to give me some cuttings.  A year ago I purchased 4 dragon fruit that I will be looking to aquaponicly propagate.  As my goal is to create a viable commercial aquaponics farm.  This will open the opportunity to extend the product line beyond the normal varitety of vegtables. 

Comment by Dave & Yvonne Story on January 24, 2012 at 6:31pm

I am super interested in trying some teas

I had a bok choi that did super. I still have it growing seeds.. the bees love the flowers should be great to attract bees. it took our freeze and is still kicking out seeds and flowers

Comment by Dave & Yvonne Story on January 24, 2012 at 6:27pm


See my papaya are just too young for me to know how good the fruit will be

Comment by Dave & Yvonne Story on January 24, 2012 at 6:26pm

I have not found the right conditions for dragon fruit

Maybe Tucson is too hot and too cold


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