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I had a guest touring my AP set up and asked.....' Why do I bury my pipes ?'

For a few reasons.....

First, It does protect the pvc from UV rays. Pvc will 'eventually' become brittle. I do paint what pvc is exposed to the sun. A little 'planning ahead' and it can be done 'prior' to being installed.
Electrical pvc conduit is UV isn't.

Second, Since 'most' of my lines are gravity fed and /or 'water seeking it's own level'.....I am able to give the runs a slight pitch, if I feel they need it.

Third, It makes for a neater looking area, and it's less thing to be tripping over, Or guests and kids kicking something lose.

When I bury them, I'm going 'just below' the surface....less digging. Some of the tops of the pipe are actually being covered by the mulch. I don't have a 'freeze line' in central FL to be concerned with :-)
Here again, a little planning ahead...and I bury the smaller pvc deeper...less digging that way.

I do take pictures, before I cover the pipe. It's nice to be able to refer back to them, if needed.

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Comment by TCLynx on July 26, 2010 at 8:20am
Many of my pipes are simply covered by mulch or just dug down enough that the top of the pipe is level with the sand and then covered in mulch. For me it's mainly the tripping and wanting it to look just a little nicer. I've still got plenty of plumbing up in the air though.

Taking the pictures before covering the trenches is a good idea.

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