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Relationship (concealing) counseling through Aquaponics

We all know who they are. Our Significant others, wives, husbands, lovers, family or even just friends.
They are the ones that get to share in our Aquaponic joy. They have no idea what a heavy burden it is. We are saving the planet. We can do it. Yet they support us. When we buy something for the "system" they don't ask how much. We always announce the free and recycled stuff like it was a lottery scratch off. Honey I got it for free and it is worth $$$. We don't mention the 2 hour trip to get it the endless hours finding it and what it will cost to make work. After all the labor is my time. These close ones are always there to hear about this journey. But all is not as it seems. Those unanswered questions about cost, those receptive agreements with us on our next ingenious idea for the next fix. These are just unconscious (I hope) ploys to get OFF THE SUBJECT.
Yes my fellow Aquapons they have no idea why an adult would call other adults Aquapons. We bore them with our this and that of our quest. I have actually been asked not to talk forever when friends come over and ask about the greenhouse thing. I do admit I can get a real case of diarrhea of the mouth, those who have spoken to me on the phone can attest to that.
So they indulge us and are truly happy to see us happy. Only we understand the higher calling. Oh how we envy the few of us who share their addiction with their significant other. No I am not talking about when the come and plant a little or help build a little or even move that heavy stuff. Right now my wife is picking up hundreds of dollars of expanded clay and coir chips for my ha-ha last expansion this weekend. She is going to pick it up on her 2 days to Orlando to visit her sister. She sure seems to visit her a lot more this year than last. Not even a peep about the cost. As I am sharing some of it with Ron I am sure she thinks most of it is for him. What have we done to deserve such loving supportive individuals in our lives. I can't imagine.
My wife lovingly calls my greenhouse my man cave. I have been known to go out to it at all hours when I needed a break from my feelings. You know, when you are called angry or mad when you are sure you aren't. Or when the company seems to be ignoring me. Yes there are a myriad of reasons as to why there is now a permeant lawn chair in the greenhouse. I have been called a few unpleasant names by folks in my day. I kid about going as a sphincter mussel for halloween. Wearing a Brown shirt with a big red circle on it. When folks ask what I am I would say "Oh you don't know me well?" I think of myself in all the self improvement ways. Generous, giving, hard working, friendly, smart, helpful and on and on. But my current obsession has a few kinks in its armor. I have to worry about my pets (alien Tilapia) while we are away for the weekend. I have to prepare the feeding systems and ask family and friends to come over and check on things. What can I say I have Aquaponic responsibilities. The books the DVD's and now the Magazines hiding the catalogs they all seem to be in mobile piles around the living area. I belong to AA otherwise knowns as Amazon Anonymous. Why just the other day my wife and I laughed at someone admitting his wife was addicted to QVC and I always felt great sympathy for those HSN addicts. Not my addiction. I buy stuff I need. Only. Sure I have been an Amazon prime (great marketing name) member for years. I pay $79 a year to by from Amazon and not pay shipping on lots of stuff. This is like the old joke. Honey look at all the stuff I bought on sale and saved $$$. I had the misfortune of looking up some old purchases on Amazon today and as I scrolled through my past purchases (HaHA) I became aware that there were a LOT of Aquaponics needs. I have caught myself hiding a receipt or taking some stuff out to the greenhouse directly. Guilt is it I think. How does that go Catholics do Guilt Jews do Shame. I can relate. Lately the little guild devil has been on my shoulder when I find myself on the phone with a fellow quester and I happen to be in the presence of my wife. Oh that devil whispers many things in my ear then. I am a master of the quick change webpage browsing, I mastered that years ago. No I have to answer sheepishly that I am on the FORUM when my wife asks during late night TV what I could possible be doing on the computer for so long. I try to make it a private time when I write these blogs as you see they are my
Therapy. I can create, make fun and get a little introspective. Yes I can find healing experiences and redeeming values in all of my Aquaponics. From Spiritual and Intellectual to hard work and constructing.
Ahh the Zen of Aquaponics. (Already registered that .com). So rejoice in the knowledge that we all have been in relationship counseling with, through others of like minds. This is our GROUP therapy sessions. Timeless and now endless it seems. (have I talked enough for you yet). Lets remember to give gifts of appreciation to our supporters. As I order a new book for my wife on the Haapsalu Shawl from you know where as a gift of her just a little our of your way errand, I realize that I have created a repetitive response to my requests. Hmm. who is running this show. Well anyway. Thank that cook, helper, best friend, lover. Come back to our Fourm and get you to your next session. As only we can understand this addiction we are all sharing. Our EVENT here in our LOST ISLAND of Aquaponic addiction.

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Comment by Michelle Silva on October 2, 2010 at 9:40pm
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cosmo. I enjoyed reading this. Chris asked me this morning if the fish had been fed yet and since they weren't he said he would go do i! I had to chuckle when I noticed him taking quite a long time hanging out with them..woohoo,maybe he's getting sucked in.
Comment by TCLynx on October 1, 2010 at 7:45am
The cook was a bit skeptical at first, but he likes catfish so he is on board with the AP. I did let him get chickens after he let me start building the AP so it can be give and take.
Comment by Sahib Punjabi on October 1, 2010 at 5:31am
Brilliant. Mr. Cosmo, I am just amazed at how you seem to be able to express in such fine detail the experiences that I face. Your blogs are indeed a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing :-)
Comment by David Hart on October 1, 2010 at 4:48am
Your a 'blessed' man Mr. Cosmo, for having such an understanding wife.....and a wise man for taking care of her :-)

I thought I'd found Mrs. Right. We were planning on getting married. One day I mentioned I'd like to raise fish in the backyard. She informed me that I WAS NOT raising fish in the backyard.
We worked it out though.....she moved back to Illinois, and I have my fish farm in the backyard. Actually, she did have some family issue arise back in the land of 'CORN and SNOW.'

Recently one of my flying buddies came by to see my updates on the AP system. As I was showing him around, we stopped to glance into the main tank. I walked on, describing some stuff, when I noticed he wasn't following . I turned around to see where he was....he was just starring into the tank.
I don't know if he had found the 'Zen of Aquaponics'.......or...if the 'allien creatures' were using some kind of mind control on him. He never did seem the same afterwards...???? :-)

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