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For almost two years I have been researching aquaponics for my soon to retire daughter. The first version of References for Aquaponics for Beginners contained nine pages in August 2013. The November 30, 2014 edition contained over 150 pages.

During the two years, I saw many videos and read many blogs, many helpful, many misleading, and many "facts from experts" that were totally false. Also, there were many people selling  "advice" and training without hands-on experience.

I also watched as two major evolutions in aquaponics occur – the discard of NFT systems for commercial use and the improvement of raft design to permit deep water, raft systems for the family.

References... is non-commercial, open source, and free to download. If interested to receive, send an email address that receives large files (not a drop box).

Marvin A. Hodges
San Diego, California


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