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References for Aquaponics Beginners

Almost two years ago, my soon-to-retire daughter asked me to research aquaponics.
In August 2013, I delivered "References for Aquaponics for Beginners," a nine page document. I send FREE monthly up-dates to anyone and the September 2014 up-date was over 140 pages.

A couple college professors described "References..." as a "treasure."

For educators, this could be a useful source of a quick find for the latest information.

For example, October 16 is supposed to be the date a new raft goes on sale that can support heavy plants, making a raft system feasible for a family aquaponics system. This one new product should lower the cost and increase ease of raising plants in a simple deep water system,

Anyone interested in reviewing this source of references may send me an email address that can receive large files (EX. Hotmail and AOL will not! Also, many institutions and companies limit size of emails. ).

Marvin A. Hodges
Retired, Adj. Community College Professor
San Diego, CA

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