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My Zen Interspecies Epicurean Quest -

Ah the Grail! "you and the earth are one" One of the many grail secrets. There are so many great teachings and profound revelations to be experienced in this quest. KISS - keep it simple stupid.
So what is the Secret that I am endeavoring and dreaming of in this quest you may wonder.
To be a steward of Nature among many other things one has to be a great observer. A willing participant is also a plus. I would like a "thing" system - farm - garden - pond - what ever that includes but isn't restricted to these basic willing multi-kingdom participants.
Edible plants - Vegetables - permaculture - and on and on
Edible creatures from water - Fish - maybe Prawns
Non edible but as we like to say beneficial creatures - Bugs - bacteria - probiotics - Mico - Macro.

Alas my vision... Left Brain please -(being a triple capricorn I think in a kind of esoteric Techie geek kind of way) is a human assembled as designed - and or inspired by nature Polyculture Ascetically pleasing system.

Now for the other side if the brain. Left side please.
Birds chirping bees buzzing fish jumping and feeding dances.
The sweet aroma of rosemary and the delicate scent of Basil. That un explicable sense of the coming rain when the misters come on.
Foraging through the forest of the green jungle of delectable delights. My expressions of tastes have to be censored by my need for some privacy. All I can say is UMMMM. You know what I mean.
Gazing at the colors and textures of such amazing beauty that flowers and leaves and creatures have going on for so many evolutionary reasons. Getting lost just looking and discovering.

Now the imagination - Creative Consciousness - NeoCortex or where ever this thoughts manifest in my mind and brain.
The sacred Geometry of nature. What is now science was at one time magic and myth. Can there be other forces unseen but still at play. Why do Dragon flies, lady bugs butterflies and praying-mantis stir such imaginations as what the folks at Findhorn have found to be their truth of being stewards of nature. What did I unconsciously capitalize Findhorn and Dragons. Pray tell what forces are at work her in my open doors of perception. (no I am not knowingly drug at this moment). Did I really see Fairies and Plant Devas in my garden. I won't tell.

I am a student of my paths of learning practical and esoteric. I don't limit my imagination but fight and challenge my sphere of comfort every day. Let us join in our quest of finding a place as one of the willing participants in this human assembled menagerie of assembled creatures great and small - Seen and unseen.

I declare I am but one of these divine magical creatures and want to find the Zen Garden that feeds me and nourish my soul. Let the wild rumpus begin. I am but a willing lunatic.

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Comment by TCLynx on June 26, 2010 at 11:16am
They may be but shy and magical creatures and would appear as dragon flies and other beneficial creatures to the lens. But the pictures could still be wonderful.
Comment by Sylvia Bernstein on June 26, 2010 at 10:58am
WOW! Mighty deep stuff, my lunatic aquaponic friend! Wild rumpus indeed. Next time you see those Fairies and Plant Devas please share the photos with us!

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