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My constant personal fear: (Personal psychobabble)

What do I fear? The same thing that may give us a chance at restructuring the way we (humans) do things…or throw us back into serfdom and the new Dark Age: Global unrest and the collapsing of governments.


Food security seems to be an issue that escapes most people, even those within the industry. It seems that a lot of people with good intentions and ideas are too focused on their own little whatever to be able to cooperate and conclusively draw a plan of action and most importantly follow through.


However, now with the world economic crisis rearing to the front of “peak” crisis conditions it will be even more difficult to move true green solutions. Instead, half-baked concepts will be promoted by those in favor of profit over practice and ruin it for those that have developed something harmoniously productive.


There is no easy solution. Everyone has to learn the real price of living.


The peak conditions I spoke of earlier is the looming, Peak Food Crisis. Peak food is actually related to four, now five, other intertwined crises: peak farmable land, peak water, peak oil, global climate change and more recently China itself as a beast of consumption and the burden it places on the world. It was related to me behind closed doors that the Chafrica campaign is a success so mineral, energy and land will not be problems, however clean water is, or at least until they truly get energy under control and can desalinate sea water. But this is a long-term project. In the interim we have these other factors to worry about.


I was born to the notion that as an American I was born free. An ideology that everyone was equal and that the government would use all its might and power on the behalf of any citizen. I have come to understand the follies of that line of thinking as my government, time and time again betray us. As a person that makes himself have too much time on their hands, so as to be able to idly conjure. I have been free to accept ideas with no provable basis of reality, (theories). No worries, I won’t go into that here.


Anyway, globally, these peak crisis conditions are looming so I suggest you prepare. First priority would be to store food and water/ with filtration (for after water runs out). Second would be to secure methods of growing food. Third priority would be to divest some paper into bullion. Finally, retrofit for independent living. Do I sound paranoid?


The thing I like about AP is that it introduces the world to integrated bio systems in a meaningful, harmonious and productive way, enhancing our quality of life and appreciation for ecology while giving each and everyone of us the opportunity the be that much more self sufficient in times of crisis.


If I can in some small way redirect the Han people (commonly known as Chinese) and help alleviate this pressure on the world and keep them constrained within the confines of this government.(Can you imagine half a billion people moving to Africa)? I would feel like I have accomplished my mission here. A life well spent. And under the providence of fate and destiny, I would love to see my (dream) concept of a hi-rise farm supported community come to be.


I’m sorry I can’t elaborate more at this point because I am monitored but would love to answer any questions or discussions via e-mail.


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Comment by Chris McMahon on August 15, 2011 at 11:46am
Any change for the good of the people is going to have to happen at the bottom. Learn, teach, and pray for the best. I am working twords a more sustainable lifestyle because the system is trying to carry an unsustainable debt load. I expect it will crush the system in the end. This has happened many times in the past when the people allowed fiat currency and fractional lending.
Comment by Carey Ma on August 14, 2011 at 11:43pm

yep...isn't that upside-down. there are no survivalist here coz no one has any means of self defense. only people that manage against odds to fee themselves, (which is actually expected... with surplus).

As for bk home: Bow Wow as I howl at the moon. I still own a lil cabin ( with two forty foot containers buried underneath) way up in the mountains and I'm confident I buried enough of everything all over western Washington not to worry about surviving for many years (unless its atomic). And If I don't ever use them?..well historians in the future are going to ponder my logic for a long time...hehe

Comment by the mad german on August 14, 2011 at 11:24pm
In the good ole USA they look at survivalist and people being self sufficient as lone wolfs and a threat...............just goes to show its not just communist china but any place you have a big over bloated corrupt government who want to control the masses.
Comment by Carey Ma on August 14, 2011 at 11:15pm

Cheers mad, I'll toke to that. Three cheers for aquapons!

Yes most of my friends think I'm bloody nuts. Most of them cant even last three days. They seem to think the gov here will protect them and to a point I believe it is true. Last year the gov of china bought enough grain to last 40%of one years consumption. What other gov can boast that? but as you said, this too contributed to deficiencies elsewhere, causing their social unease. I believe these riots are light compare to what will come. Store up, load up and be prepared. If nothing happens like with Y2K, well at least we weren't caught with our pants down and no harm done.

Comment by the mad german on August 14, 2011 at 10:53pm

I believe everyone should have 3 months of food whether it be dry goods or canned as well as water.

Especially since in an AP system it'll take 3 months (depending on the size of your system and family) to provide sustainability.


Heres a scary thought, the recent uprise in the middle east was brought about by what?

The yearning for democracy? Thats just a start, it all started because food prices doubled but wages hadn't.

What was 1 of the contributions? Less wheat. Here in America farmers were given money out the wazoo to plant corn for ethanol to help aleviate our dependance of foreign oil, so in turn planted less of the other commodities which caused the entire commodities market price to skyrocket. Rocked food prices, escpecially in the middle east where people make $2 a day with bread being their main staple and then the bread prices double. Then toss in Russia having a bad wheat year and disaster was just waiting


Just goes to show how 1 special interest group with good intentions can screw up somebody elses lives....or another countries.

I guess this is the cool thing with AP growers.....were actually trying to help without negatively affecting others, hang in there my friend..


Comment by Carey Ma on August 14, 2011 at 9:38am
Cheers Sam
Comment by SW on August 14, 2011 at 7:37am

A beautiful thing you are doing there.  There is much to learn & do.  Not only for my children but for me.


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