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Its Alive!!! Testing some organic Raft Pots and Floating sheets

It all always comes back to Mother Earth. Gaia as I know her. Being a triple Capricorn it is no surprise I am the Science guy. First the synchronicity of how I got here to this moment in time with this Aquaponics test. I was an Environmental Studies (76) major in College after I left Pre-med and this led me to related career paths including building commercial and residential domes - bioshelters and Appropriate Technology. Which landed me at New Alchemy Institute where I met the creative geniuses that tasked themselves with changing the world. Being an Environmental geek I am familiar with the scientific testing methods and have a great curiosity any time we can learn how to be a better Steward of Nature.
I am working with an amazing innovative company that is interested in testing their (commercially available) organically grown BioDegradable manufacturing process of a product that looks and does a lot of the same things we use for float rafts. I will be asking some of you to help in this discrete testing in the next few weeks. Also we are in the process of researching various designs of biodegradable one-time-use net pot replacements.
We are constantly reminded of our responsibility to the planet to be a better Steward. Lets see how this goes maybe we are on to something.

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Comment by Michelle Silva on September 8, 2010 at 7:39am
Cosmo, is this the mushroom packaging company? I spoke with them and they said they would send a sample and never did. They said if their were enough interest they would produce rafts to replace styrofoam, but they cautioned that since it would be sitting on water , that they thougth it would degrade too quickly.
Comment by David Hart on September 4, 2010 at 4:27am
' Biodegradable net pots'...? Cool.
I just ordered a case of 4000 plus, ''I'll be around foreverplastic slit pots".. :-(
Comment by Dave Pennington on September 3, 2010 at 11:43am
very cool. Did you get to meet John Reid? He's quite the inspiration, even though he was a bit ahead of his time.

Please put me on the list of people who would like to try biodegradable net pots and rafts, although the raft may be going the way of the dinosaur IMHO.

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