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ET swim home. Teleportation by Suicide.

My first suicide victim or so I thought.Caution following blog is tongue in cheek or so you my think.
If you followed any of my blogs you would know that I discovered in my interspecies epicurean quest that Tilapia can control us humans telepathically to care and feed them. Now this leads to several amazing revelations. First that these are Aliens who are on our planet with us. The collective conscience of these invaders has reached the hundredth money point. They are now aware we are eating them!!! Now they are mounting a counter attack. Really ingenious if you think about it. First we can't eat them when they commit suicide and jump out of the tank. This of course discourages us from eating them at all. Second as they only do this when we are not around and usually at night I am convinced that this is how they teleport their Alien conscience back to their home on their plant. That big blue third rock from the sun. Wait that is earth right? So be aware the next time a suicide takes place at you human training center that they have ulterior motives. Ever notice how it almost always the biggest and best looking fish (right). Those tricky little devils. Well I put the little (8" I wish) into the death star composter (see my photos for it) and it occurred to me that those worms might be up to something also as they were just hanging out there waiting for the fish. They know something I am sure. Well as I endeavor to discover how these Alien invaders may have either allies or foes in the worm world I have decide to rebel and eat a few of them to see if I become more of a drone for their Aquaponics world domination or to see if I can resist their brainwashing. Lets hope the don't find us - The Resistance - here in our safe place. Long live and eat the resistance EAT (Epicurean Aquapon Tactical)!

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Comment by David Hart on September 4, 2010 at 4:17am
Hi Cosmo, Sorry to hear about the...ah.. Teleportation.

Great story ! Thanks for the smile :-)

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