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Dear All,


I call myself "Olde" because I can now glory in my medicare card, but also because I cannot deny experiencing a very subtle slowing down of my mindbody.  I usually need a "younge" to help me navigate incredible communication resources like this on-line community and forum for aquaponic gardeners.  But I am so excited about discovering "Aquaponic Gardening" that I'm throwing caution to the wind and hoping this blog post is not just a conversation with myself.


The art and the science of aquaponics is gloriously intricate, like nature!  And the economics, culture, and politics of aquaponics is also, methinks, very, very complex.  Regarding the art and the science of aquaponics I am in the second year of what I hope will be a 15 year self/community of practice sculpted program:  first 5 years, intern; second 5 years, apprentice; third 5 years, journey"mon"("mon" can be man or woman, young or old, Bob Marley gave me term).  After 15 years I hope to be a first level "master," another 5 years, second level, on up to my 100th birthday party, at which point

I hope to spend some time with Castanada's Don Juan and his sacred mushrooms, enjoying the dance of Shiva without working in the usual sense of the term.


But as far as the economics, culture, and politics of aquaponics, I think I have something not just to learn but also to contribute.  Especially regarding the harnessing of the power of the internet to advance people's aquaponics business(economics), diffuse aquaponics innovations into our culture, e.g. 5% of the nation's schools with miniatures in next 5 years(!), and politics, e.g. introduce public officials to the imperative of supporting this most sustainable new agricultural technology.


Integrating Theory and Practice


So if this  blog post actually makes its way to a few people in this wonderful forum, I would like to brainstorm


*the 10 million steps we must take to accelerate the incorporation of aquaponics into the schools of our challenged planet, with a start-up concrete goal of 5% of schools in USA with aquaponic miniatures by 2015, or the latest 2020; 5% of the world's schools with aquaponics miniatures by 2020, or the latest 2025.


*ways of helping people build their backyard aquaponics into expanding sources not just of food and graceful living, but also into family revenue streams of increasing green money value


*working to get aquaponics into the mainstream of our political conversations for all levels of government, including, why not, an aquaponic miniature at the White House!


What say?


Why not?



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Comment by Mona Miller on June 8, 2012 at 7:08pm

I have the answer and I need you please check out Branson Aquaponics and educational center. on facebook web and on youtube. Our team could use a dreamer like us. We plan to feed the world one garden at a time and never leave my home town. Hello Community I need to find someone who knows aquaponic Gardening that would like to be part of our team to bring aquaponics to Branson, Mo. as a very large, aquaponic food factory and educational tourist attraction. We have a prime location and 15 existing buildings. The state is holding a grant for us. We must submit to them a business plan based on their format. This will require us  (The team) to have someone who knows all the ends and outs of aquaponics. I have attached a story I wrote hopping to draw the picture that I see. or just go to youtube and watch our videos. Branson Aquaponics or find us on facebook at Branson Aquaponic Gardens and Educational Center please feel free to give me a call at 417-338-2537 join us in our mission to feed the world one garden at a time.The%20time%20has%20come%20to%20draw%20the%20picture.docm

Comment by Converse on April 6, 2012 at 11:55am

 In my region one school has gone beyond mini-set-up...Driven by teacher extrordinaire Michael Becker ( you can do a google search on him - he teaches in Oregon) he has developed a huge permiculture program at his school (Jr. High !) and they now have a huge green house that is solar powered. A science wing (solar powered  - and constructed from recycled materials) a huge garden.  This includes an aquaponics system that most of you would drool over.  He has a huge curriculum.  Everything is wound up in it.  Reading, science, math, social studies, business...and the list goes on! His students get real life training.  He teaches' knowledge', but also responsible social behavior.  Students are happy to attend his classes.   The science department is growing food for the school lunches.  Students also participate in the local Farmers' Market with the produce they grow (and they learn how to do marketing and interact with customers in a mature manner).  I have been very impressed with the program and the students who go through Mr. Beckers' classes.

   Newly added to this whole web is a commercial kitchen at the school for the classroom use.  The students are also learning valuable skills in cooking, and how to use what they grow.  They learn about added value products, and preserving skills.

   Mr. Becker wants students to come away from his classes with life skills they can use anywhere.  He has accomplished it.  Not on a mini-scale either....

    While a mini-scale AP system is appropriate for many schools.  A big dream like Mr. Becker had (and the gumption to follow through) is possible many places too.


   Welcome to the community here!


- Converse

Comment by Connie Christians on April 6, 2012 at 10:10am

James, I like your idealism and your goals. Grassroots activity, not politics, will certainly be the major influence for communities to change. I'm certainly interested in freely sharing and discussing ways to affect a positive evolution in the world. Thanks for putting your ideas in front of us.

So, to that I reply, IMHO:

10 million steps- well, the first one is always the hardest and most important one.(chinese proverb?) We have done that already, I agree lots more people need to follow. I feel that it's always good to have the dialogue and keep putting information out there and giving all kinds of folks an opportunity to learn and apply.

I think as we, aqua enthusiasts, continually embrace and expand the workability of designs to fit all situations- more people will naturally look at it as a real and viable solution to an impending food crisis, decreased economy and a necessary life change. Food and water shortages are predicted and will occur, here in the US, sooner than most people realize- these hardships (not politics) will be the catalysts to drive more responsibility to food safety and security throughout the average daily life of all of us- i.e.: schools, leadership, careers, economy. Shortages and rationing could be the beginning of a major course correction for wasteful, destructive consumerism.

Unfortunate that the masses will be forcefully driven instead of willingly led, but one can always hope, that in the end, it could be a game-changing benefit to us all. One of our missions as a family farm is to especially affect the schools in our area to improve the food quality and offer education. As you teach the young, so shall you change the world.

So, my family and I are already with you, brother. Preaching the word (so to speak) in our own corner of the world. Walking our own paths, touching who we can with all the tools at hand: internet, video, newspapers, blogs, farmers' markets, education, friendship, leadership. That's as much as any of us can and should do.

Peace and success, Connie

Comment by Sahib Punjabi on January 12, 2011 at 7:49pm

Namaste Mr. Godsil,


I love the passion that you have put into this venture and how so are sharing this wonderful knowledge and "way of life". This is in line with what the great Masters taught and implored us to do. 

I thought that I would share with you a reading from the book "Teachings of Rumi" by Andrew Harvey - Odes is listening to his Master Rumi in "The Call"


'Keep Moving, Keep Growing


If a tree could uproot itself from one place to another

It would never need to fear the saw, or any blows of bad luck.

Neither the sun nor the moon could lavish their light

If they stayed motionless as a rock.

How bitter the Euphrates and Tigris would be

If it stayed in one place like the sea!

The air that stagnates in a pit becomes poisonous;

Look how the air sickens because of its inertia!

When the water of the sea travels towards the clouds

It frees itself from the bitterness and acquires tender power.

When a fire stays without shooting out flames

It transforms itself to ashes, dead and destroyed.

Look how Joseph of Canann, after leaving his father,

went into Egypt and became famous forever.

See how Jesus, son of Mary, in his continual wanderings

Became the Water of Life and made the dead rise.

I have shown you a few signs; now, learn the rest yourself:

Accomplish the journey beyond yourself and reach God."


God bless :-)

Comment by Nick Rizzo on January 10, 2011 at 11:21am
Well if this school project goes forward and its successful I will try another school next year
Comment by Aaron on January 9, 2011 at 11:11am

Mr. Godsil,


I am also very interested in educating my school community in the ways of sustainability via the genius of aquaponics.  I envision a world in our life time where AP is the norm instead of a "fringe" idea.  Count me in on the discussion and happy to help in any way I can.  The high school I'm at will complete production of a large greenhouse/roof garden by the end of this year.  We are currently exploring government grants to put the infrastructure in place.  I saw your program on youtube and it gave us a lot of ideas.  Keep up the good work and keep the good idea's coming.  All the best _-Aaron

Comment by Sean Short on January 8, 2011 at 9:40pm

I have also caught this "aquaponic flu". I want to go forward and spread the word of aquaponics like the rest of you. I am a new member and am excited to begin my exploration. I hope to someday meet others like you in person as I venture out into this world. 

Comment by Johnny Hall on January 8, 2011 at 3:39pm

Carlos will be a proud Yaqui , that you go forth like this


Aquaponics changes things including us


sorta like DIY Alchemy





Comment by M Cosmo on January 6, 2011 at 2:00pm

You have truly found "the way" as Alan Watts speaks of it.  Many of us have become possessed by this Aquaponic movement.  I can only say be zen in your quest. Be Here Now, as it is the journey that leads us into the light. Alas it is a pleasure to "Grok" another intrepid traveler. 

As Sahib said Namaste

Comment by Growitright Aquaponics on January 5, 2011 at 11:55pm

Hey Godsil, Great to see you here. You are not alone ;-)

I see Sweet Water has some January Training dates coming up.

Very exciting! I posted dates on my fb page for trainings happening all over the country.

Aqua is catching on everywhere. We hope to travel back your way one day soon.

Cheers, K



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