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System cycling

Cycling my aquaponics system with 5 goldfish 4-7” long indoors in a 110 gal stock tank, 45 gal growbed and an 18 gal filter. It’s been 3…

Started by Carol Graham

5 Aug 14, 2014
Reply by Carol Graham

Please help me not throw in the towel!

I build a 170 gallon tank with a sump and 2 grow beds.  Media is PlantIt.  It is in the basement and is being heated.  The temperature hang…

Started by Steve Erickson

15 Jul 13, 2014
Reply by Hank Paloci

Cycle with existing tank water

I have a 30 gal. Fish tank. I have had the same 3 med. size gold fish in the tank for about 2 years now.i replace about 1/3 of the water on…

Started by pierre roy

1 Jun 9, 2014
Reply by Alex Veidel

Timing for drain and fill

I have seen numerous recommendations for how long to take to drain the beds, and then for refilling them. Is it appropriate to have the pum…

Started by David E Harnish

30 May 30, 2014
Reply by Jennifer W Martin

Cycling question

Hi, I am setting up my first system and i have everything in place but i am concerned about the timing of my flood and drain. I am current…

Started by Gary

2 May 22, 2014
Reply by Gary

designing a system but not sure

Has anyone tried the raft system with grow beds in the end of the water cycle? Just curious if you can get by with a closed loop with rafts.

Started by Johnson L Brown

9 May 12, 2014
Reply by Johnson L Brown

My first cycle is working!

From "dude, what's going on?" to "Nitro bacteria of the world, conquer my system!". At first, my ammonia levels were too high. System was…

Started by Carlos A. Gorricho

0 May 1, 2014

Hybrid Aquaponics Raft and Media

Hello, I am starting a new system blind (I live in Germany - no aquaponics here yet). I really need help w/ my Raft and Media design. - any…

Started by Sharon Ritter

11 Apr 21, 2014
Reply by R.K. Castillo

Rookie needs help

Location: Mesa, AZ We have set up a continuous flow IBC growbed. (1 planting bed to start).  I started with reverse osmosis water  Added…

Started by Nicole Kwasneski

5 Apr 19, 2014
Reply by Jim Fisk

Cycling and PH

Hello, I have a 170 gallon fish tank with a sump tank and two grow beds filled with Plant It (like hydroton).  I began fishless cycling on…

Started by Steve Erickson

6 Apr 15, 2014
Reply by Alex Veidel


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