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I have a 30 gal. Fish tank. I have had the same 3 med. size gold fish in the tank for about 2 years now.i replace about 1/3 of the water once a month.the fish are well.
Now I've converted this tank into a aquaponics system.i have 2 grow bed 50 lt. Each.1/2 river rocks on the bottom then expanded clay med. on top.
I've added 6 plants in each bed.
Now when I set it all up I saved the water in 5 gal. Pails.then wwhen I was all set up I used that same water for fish tank.i left the gravel in place and the other items that were in the tank.
I let it fill and drain for 2 days then put the 3 goldfish back in the tank.
They seem fine after 2 days.can anyone give me there opinon on if this was a good way to start off?

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Well, once everything is stabilized you won't need to change your water regularly, but everything looks fine.

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