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We are all Dexter - reminiscing a sacred moment

It occurred to me late last night that we are all Dexter. No we don't want to kill humans, but we do want to right the wrongs of the system. In one sense we are direct serial killers of Tilapia, but at the same time we don't often recognize the same act as us bringing death to the Plant kingdoms. AI knew once a vegetarian 3 year old named Orion, who said in response to us trying to get him to eat fish. Does it have eyes? So profound. We identify the sentient life-form as one that is (able to perceive or feel things). Yet in the 80's I was managing multimedia at the Conference for Society Humanistic Psychology and I was privileged to be able to meet some of the great minds of our time then. These was a Sacred moment for my life. While my conscious mind was consumed with the technology of projectors, microphone etc. my other conciseness was engulfed in the synergy of the events I was "working". One of the presentations was an early development of Mind Mirror. Some MIT geeks and Timothy Leary were show how Mind Mirror worked. They had an Apple IIe and some software and a analog to digital connection to a Plant. I think it was a philadentrum (sp). He asked the audience to think pleasant thoughts and the patterns on the projected screen was pleasing. Then they thought of death and destruction and the pattern was very disturbing. The point was that plants could feel our emotions. Yes, yes there were books and videos "the secret life of plants". But here right in my presence was it really happening. At the time I was apprenticing at NAI and saw everything as science. You could say this was my one of my spiritual awakenings. Alas I digress as usual.
The point (sacred geometry again) here is Plants can feel us but are they sentient. Do they know they exist? Many ancient societies were kindred spirits of the plant kingdom. Not just the ones that they harvested for their own survival but the awesome manifestation of the divine. I see glimpses of this on this forum.
So what is the moral to this rambling? Maybe some of the following
Be nice to your plants for one day you will be their fertilizer.
After all are we not all GAIA?
You are what you eat.
Take a moment to thank the plants you eat that is their purpose in our relationship.
Sing to them and play them music. But above all love them.
Cosmo - Happy Trails

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Comment by Joseph Orlando on September 17, 2010 at 7:04am
I have to admit, being one who loves breads and breakfast foods I am cereal killer.
Comment by Raychel A Watkins on September 15, 2010 at 1:58am
I appreciate your thoughts Michael. I have always known that plants love you to talk to them play them nice music. I think you will find that it has been proven by experiments. My room mate does not understand why I say it hurts me when she mistreats a plant ie pulling it out of a pot and leaving it on the ground to dry out. She also chops up my heliconia and ginger. My heart actually hurts when I see this. Plants give me so much of the joy I have in life. I have to live in Hawaii because I can not stand the dead trees in the winter. I have to have the constant green and the beauty of flowers around. It saves on antidepressants.
Comment by Sylvia Bernstein on September 14, 2010 at 1:46pm
Oh Michael, you have outdone your self this time. I love that you tagged it "esoteric"! I'm headed outside to hug a tomato...

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