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Greetings again Aquapons!  I have been on an interesting journey the past couple of years.  It all started with a better filter for my koi.  Researching bog filters inspired the notion of growing edible plants in the bog, which through my research I stumbled upon aquaponics.


Through my research and desire to find an economical means of heating my system, I stumbled upon the Wiseway pellet stove, which I became a statewide distributor for their company and recently sold that distributorship in pursuit of another off shoot.  While working on the heating system with the pellet stove I discovered a way to distill with the stove.  Water purification was my initial goal, then through my research in distillation, found that I could also produce ethanol with the same equipment. 


Ethanol can be produced from many material sources and ultimately, I concluded ethanol as a beverage is far more valuable than as a fuel. Thus, my current endeavor into the micro-distillery industry.


Distilleries create hazardous waste products.  Although it is only hazardous because it hasn't been processed.  It is all organic material going in but due to the process, the waste requires biological processing and dilution before it can go back into the environment in a useful manner.  Bio-digesters  render the effluent of the distilling process into an organic fertilizer that when diluted, is beneficial to the plants, soil, and microbes. I believe a nearly zero unused waste output should be attainable.


A by-product of the bio-digester is methane. Methane is a relatively clean burning gas, and can be used to heat the greenhouse, the distillery, and home.


So now my goal is to create a system that uses the waste heat of the distillery to enhance the greenhouse environment, use the waste effluent to create a fuel for heating, fertilizer for my outdoor crops, provide a resource for the local farmers excess fruits, provide them with an organic fertilizer, and hopefully create a few jobs for local people in my area.


I was a bit ambivalous on making spirits for consumption.  But I will be providing a high quality product and at a higher end of the spectrum in pricing, making it out of the high quantity drinkers price range.  I do not want to contribute to the demise of those with addictive natures.  But for those that drink in moderation, I can provide them with a quality spirit and a competitive price.


Hopefully, with this new venture, my original goals in aquaculture, greenhouse gardening, alternative energy, and aquaponics will become affordable for me to continue my exploration.  Amazing when I look back how one thing lead to the next.  Also amazing is how they will all ultimately tie together.

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Comment by Rick Stillwagon on May 8, 2013 at 11:07am

Still working on all my licenses yet, so samples are a few months out yet.  But we did get approved by our local county commissioners today!  They were the ones I expected the most conflict with so I am very hopeful. 

Comment by Carey Ma on May 7, 2013 at 11:13pm

You inspire me buddy! Got any samples ya can send me? hehe

I'd sure like to know more! Got any plans you can share? I'd love to build one in our restaurant on my new farm.

Pls keep me informed. The way you think fascinates me.


Comment by George on May 6, 2013 at 8:10pm

Cool stuff.  Very inspiring.

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