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Holy Elvis.  (not retouched)

Well I missed the Kodak moment.  Although this wasn't bad.  When I went by yesterday Elvis was bent backwards at the knees.  So that photo would have been named the Incredible pelvis of Inflatable Elvis.  But alas when I went back to take the photo Elvis was completed deflated.  I guess that famous stage move of his of bending backward and snapping up was too much for the dead legend. (we know he LIVES). You may think that those are tie downs but I know that Elvis is Jacked In. 

So what the heck is going on.  Well I live in Inverness Fl. Where the most notable thing to happen was that Elvis filmed a court scene in our fully restored now Historic Court house. "Follow that Dream" 1961.  This is his 50th anniversary and the town is have a whoop to do.  

Here is the poster going around.

I can't wait.   No really.   Think about it. The King is not Dead. He lives in our musical hearts. 

I shot a few more pics.  Here is Whole Lotta Elvis at 30 feet or so high.  As Led Zeppelin said.


And last Elvis the Man As I like to think of him as. 



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Comment by M Cosmo on April 13, 2011 at 3:10pm

Here is the town info.  Kinda funny to be living in the Boonies of Florida.

When Elvis Came to Town

All hail the King
Relive the past and a significant part of the County's history with the When Elvis Came to Town weekend, April 15-17.

Noon to 6 pm Saturday on the Courthouse Square, enjoy an Elvis look-alike contest, karaoke contest and related merchandise tied to when Elvis Presley came to town to film his Follow that Dream movie. There will be face painting, photo opportunities, dancing in the streets, and more, brought to you by the Inverness Olde Towne Association. Call 726-4682 for more information.

There will also be performances of the When Elvis Came to Town play, which will recreate the atmosphere during the filming of the 1961 movie. The play premieres Friday, the 15th, at 7 pm in the Old Courthouse.

Tickets for that show, which includes a reception with cash bar, are $28.

There are repeat performances 7 pm April 16, and 2 pm April 17; tickets for those are $20.

Call 341-6427 for ticket info.


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