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We had a very busy Summer.  We built several greenhouses, a couple of aquaponic systems, and much more.  We have had a few of our Greenhouse and Aquaponic Gardener meetings and I learned that more information is still needed.  We experimented extensively, and have developed a couple of new applications for the Wiseway stove.  I have been working on some new greenhouse designs and we shall also be renovating our R&D greenhouse to reflect some of the new ideas.

Our solar efficient greenhouse has been a popular model.  We are completing the third of its design this week.  Photos of this are on our website at and on Facebook.  Either in recycled glass or polycarbonate it should prove to be a well received and enduring design.

Water heating has been a focus of mine, as it is necessary in our climate for an aquaponics system to work well.  We have been working with several systems that include the use of the Wiseway pellet stove, natural gas appliances, and electric appliances.  Unfortunately, all still require electricity to move the water through the system, leaving us with this conundrum of what to do when power is lost.  We are working on a backup power system, hopefully one that will be relatively economical to provide to our customers as well as to run. Other than these issues, our AP systems are working well.

Our meetings with gardening enthusiasts and those that wish to get started have been well received.  Our contact base is growing and we are gaining insight to what people want and will begin addressing it in our new products and education program.  Simple to use, systems and economy seem to be of importance, as well as increased nutritional value and versatility.  Variety in cost options will be a focus on our greenhouses.  We will be adding a sturdy hoop house as a lower cost option as well as a good choice for larger operations.  Although, our focus will always be on helping the individual and small groups to become more independent in growing their own food.

Education will always be a big part of what we do.  Without educating our customers and those that are interested in what we offer, there will always be a steep learning curve for the beginner.  This is unnecessary and expensive.  It is also good business sense for us as the advantage of quality and well designed products will save them time and money over making costly mistakes in trying to imitate a system with little experience and equipment.

The Wiseway pellet stove is becoming more versatile all the time.  Heat is its primary function and it does this in a class all its own.  Without the requirement of electricity it will heat a large space, be it a home, shop, greenhouse, tent, etc. effectively and economically.  In addition to this, we have refined its use as a water heater for use in our greenhouses, and also for use in conjunction with other systems of hydronic heating in a home or anywhere else.  Recently we have added a distillation unit as one of the Wiseway stoves components.  Water distillation, essential oils, and ethanol can be accomplished and produced with this stove WHILE heating your home or greenhouse.  The Wiseway stove is also EPA approved and UL listed for use in your home or anywhere else it is needed.  This has been a major thrust this Summer and now our goal is to make it available to everyone.

We will be introducing new products soon as well as showing those interested, our advancements and newly acquired knowledge.  If you can come to our meetings they are very informative and completely free.  If you have any issues, questions, thoughts, or ideas that you may wish some help with, please feel free to contact me.  I will do my best to be of service.

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Comment by Carey Ma on September 2, 2012 at 2:06am

Kudos to you my friend. Keep up[ the good work. I think I've found my new home.Let you know soon.


Comment by Don Stark on August 31, 2012 at 7:40pm

And a great time is had by all.

I really appreciate you and your endeavors to move towards independent living and self a sufficient lifestyle.

- Don

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