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While in Denver for the Aquaponics conference, two of the great opportunities I had were meeting Dr. James Rakowcy and Murray Hallam.  The "Father" of aquaponics shared his 30 year experience developing the UVI system.  I felt very akin to him as he described his trials and tribulations in developing his system.  Blunders and intervention by Mother Nature making it a challenging experience. 
Murray Hallam, in my opinion, took aquaponics in a direction more in concert with my efforts.  The individual growing food for his or her own family. He continues to innovate and is also a pleasant and inspiring man to meet and learn from.
The whole conference was a reminder that it is in many ways a fledgling concept, but many individuals have developed proven methods.  It is well worth the time to do your research into what the pioneers of aquaponics have established. You will save a great deal of time and money.

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