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Hello Brother John, My name is Mike Kivi and my wife and I have been interested in aquaponics.

From the first time I began reading about it, it has captured my interest as a vehicle to serve God as well as man. I am a retired engineer and former training director for a power company. I understand teaching and system development.


I have been praying for guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit and believe that this is a ministry that could serve :

  1. My church, by involving the youth it a process whereby they can learn to serve the Christian as well as secular community.
  2. Provide food for people of lower income.
  3. Generate community interest and funding for community projects for food production.


We have gathered the materials to build a small greenhouse to use as a proto-type and test facility to learn as well as demonstrate how the system works. We have been gathering information about aquaponics for that few months to determine what system would work best and be the least problematic to operate and demonstrate.


We have contacted S&S farms since they have been a commercial operation for years now and I would like to come visit your operation to actually see and touch an operation close by. I live in a town called New London here in North Carolina. My email address is, if you would like to communicate off-line (so to speak).



Mike Kivi

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Comment by halemart on April 30, 2011 at 3:40pm

Please check out Barrel Ponics


They have been doing the job of serving the poor for some time, and do quality work.




Comment by TCLynx on April 27, 2011 at 6:43pm

Yes Morning Star Fishermen not only teaches aquaponics but they see it as a mission.  And there is the Barrel-Ponics Pioneer Travis Hughey and his mission.  Indeed Aquaponics is a great missionary tool.


Perhaps one of the reasons why tilapia is so popular in aquaponics, ya think?

Comment by Raychel A Watkins on April 27, 2011 at 5:55pm

Aloha Mike

I live in Hawaii and am excited to here that you are thinking about aquaponics as a vessel to serve God.  I would say that you are right on.  The idea that you could teach others how to survive while sharing Jesus is wonderful.  There are many people that are using this.  I think if you check out Morning Star Fisheries I thin.  They are out of Florida.  I am not sure I got the name exact.  There are others on this site who are doing it to serve God.  I think here in Hawaii it is University of the Nations which is Youth with a Mission has a big operation.  They belong to this site also.  I fellowship with a small group of women and we believe times are going to get rough and we believe that times are going to get rough.  This is not doom and gloom but actually a sign from the Holy Spirit.  We wish to be prepared and be available to help others.  I am trying to help others of all types to set up a system at home.  We have so many homeless in Hawaii we need to show these people also.  Keep on your path and keep us updated.  I will contact you on your email address.  Mahalo and God speed


Comment by mike kivi on April 27, 2011 at 1:06pm
Thanks for the information about Jim Tinker, Found him in Wilmington (about 180 miles from me). I'll contact him and see when he's having his next tour.
Comment by TCLynx on April 27, 2011 at 12:28pm
Mike, you might look into visiting Jim Tinker as he is in North Carolina though I don't know how close to your location.  He is a member here that regularly does greenhouse tours and workshops on aquaponics.  His web site can be found here

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