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Natural reusable grow media that not only maintain ph and provide and support benefical bacteria, But help reduce nutirent deficnecys.

1.MAGNETITE CRYSTALS 1/3 grow media i plan to use to hopefully take care of iron deficiency in my grow bed. I hope all these natural grow media i use together produce good results that i expect to see.

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Comment by TCLynx on August 1, 2010 at 12:42pm
If your pH is in an appropriate range, Iron deficiency is not usually a big problem. Also, Iron is not difficult to add to a system.

I would recommend doing some research into what other metals might be in this material since certain metals can become toxic to fish, even Iron if there is too much of it could be a problem.

What kind of cost does this material carry? I would worry that it isn't worth the extra cost and problems it might bring to the system. I haven't been able to find much else out about this stuff other than it's magnetic.

As noted, if you don't use the coral, you probably won't have such issues with Iron.

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