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Feeding the World....Let's STOP the "programs"

I want to introduce myself to the community. I am Rev. John Hicks and serve as President of Synergy Farms International. When I look at the billions of dollars spent by agencies and ministries to provide food to the citizens of underdeveloped countries, I ask, why are they not instead developing and educating on sustainable aquaponic systems? I think the answer is too easy!

If you fix the problem, there is no more need for the program! The cost involved to fly grain and goods to Rowanda via a cargo plane, in one trip is more than enough capital to supply 100 micro farms that could feed up to 3000 people daily!

The main benefit of having a community growing project, is that a micro farm can bridge differences. Many communities suffer because of religious opposition,greed and politics. Synergy Farms International wants to unite separated communities through building micro farms that will allow people to at least communicate on a human level. I think that if we find out what makes us common as humans and build upon that foundation, all else will be less important.

I want programs to decrease and the sustainable impact(s) to increase. Aquaponics allows for that to happen. I am seeing it happen throughout the globe in Nicaragua, Indonesia, Tanzania, and soon in Ethiopia, and Liberia.

I am always interested in new and LESS cost effective ways to grow, grow, grow.

John Hicks, President

Synergy Farms International

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Comment by TCLynx on August 25, 2010 at 1:55pm
"In danger of falling food" I think I borrowed that from something Bill Mollison said. He is something of a permaculture guru going about showing people how they can grow food just about everywhere and planting fruit pits in lawns.

Anyway, it is so right that simply giving "aid" is really no favor at all. Empowering people by helping them to learn how to grow their own food is far more effective.

Saddly the "green revolution" of the 30-50 years ago did much to enfeeble agriculture over much of the developing world with dependence on fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and seed that must be purchased new every year instead of being able to save seed for next year's plantings.

There are many answers out there, Aquaponics is simply one of them, but a good one where electricity is easily available.
Comment by Sylvia Bernstein on August 25, 2010 at 8:54am
Wow, another amazing post. Well said, John. Thanks so much for your voice and your efforts. I interviewed Travis Hughey recently and you and he are kindred spirits. The idiocracy of our current system, especially given the demoralization of the human spirits it is meant to help, is astounding. Can you tell us more about Synergy Farms, and perhaps how to possibly get involved?

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