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It is the time of year when all of us realize that the earth is alive! This is my favorite season, for in it we recieve the harvest of our work, and understand the benefit of preparation. As president of Synergy Farms International it is also the time of year that we begin development and revenue drives for the upcoming year. Unlike any time in history, more and more people are realizing the impact of auqaponics and self preservation. Many of you have visited our website and read about our work. It is a simple task to implement the micro-farm, and a more valuable tool as it relates to long term food cultivation to the communitites we help.

One thing I believe is true of aquaponics and micro-farming is that to create a sustainable resource, it does not take a lot of money. I feel that when each of us make a contibution no matter how small, we can change the world. The only way that change will happen is with involvement and knowledge. During this drive we are seeking individual donations of $10.00. For the price of cigarettes in New York, that contribution can end a cycle of hunger and malnourishment for a family or orphange in a third world country.

I ask that each of you revist and see the plans for the 2011 calendar year. We can and will be able to make lasting impact with your small donation. Though we have an elephant of a problem globally in ensuring our world neighbors are able to eat, I think that together, we can each take a small "bite" out of hunger and malnoutrition by sharing in this nobel project.

Our method is simple: if everyone who contributes can tell another person about us and what we do, we all become worldchangers with little effort. Can you help us? Will you help us? Any questions about our projects can be answered by filling out the "contact" page on the website and I will personally call you back.

Happy Growing!

John Hicks, President

Synergy Farms International

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