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Encounters on my Interspecies Epicurean Quest - Next stop Local Rock Stars


As I step through my interspecies epicurean quest, I meet fellow travelers that make the journey the purpose.   I have long learned that a life lesson not learned will once again come around on the wheel. Although there have been many intrepid creatures on the journey both human and not, it is always this one zen constant "be here now" that  focus us on who is our in our path at this moment.  I take the lead in hanging a the laurel wreath on the dynamic duo - the rock stars of my journey. First let me bring to light those other recent stars of this Aquaponics tribe. Then on the dynamic duo.

Numero Uno.  Aas of course is Sylvia our web-mistress and and mother of this tribe.  Like all good moms she is dynamic, quick on her feet and mind, broad minded and fair, but most of all protector of our tribe.  Although this is not the only place to find our cyber brethren, it is by far the one I call my village.  You could just feel the joy and pride when she birthed her 1000 member.  In many ways she is our tribes spiritual leader. She guides us to learn and interact with each other while making sure we play nice. All hail Sylvia  I name her our Tribal Priestess. 

Next comes the teacher and plumbing sculptress Alis -TCLynx.  Just her name should tell you the complexity and witt you are about to encounter. The sheer dedication to our tribe and volume of content of teachings she bestows on us is alone enough to name her our tribal teacher.  Of course we all the teachers of us all. Or something like that.  But the one constant in all of these warrior women (and men) of our is there humility.  With out fail their confidence, excitement and sheer lack of overbearing ego makes them the most educating of artist.  We all learn more when experienced with laughter and humility. A visit to the labyrinth like maze of the permaculture garden at TCLynx nest is by far mind expanding trip.  One should never miss an opportunity to learn laugh and listen to words of wisdom.  Besides she is just so cool. I name her Water Bender. 

Just one more before I wax on about the dynamic duo.

I call him our our Urban Guru and now I am even more assured he is our "working monk". You know those stories that you hear about the traveler that is on the path to meet his guru and encounter the beggar who teaches him a life lesson  is actually his guru. Ha! I have identified this teacher and his name is Sahib. Those meeting in life where your higher conciseness brings many crossings together at one point in time to energize the Aha moment. In the sixties I would have called this "profound revelation".  His manner and presence is in its self a grace. Like TCLynx he is quick to test the waters of any Aquaponic path.  One of the things that still gets me even now at age 56 is a feeling of respect when someone calls me sir, a lesson I learned in Catholic Military High school. (I know you now are begging to understand the cosmic side of cosmo. You can see why this is blog is much cheaper then a therapist.) I digress. Sahib is both gracious and determined.  He is early on his Aquaponic path but I think he is this old soul has been here before.  Journey to this Aquaponic nature temple. I name him Urban Guru

Phew. Finally.  Now on to the Dynamic Duo. The instigators of todays blog entry.  Some history first. 

A year or so ago I was asked to give a presentation about Aquaponics at Green World Path. Many folks came up to  after but the encounter that stuck with me were the dynamic duo that said they were soon to be of to Hawaii to learn how to be commercial aquaponic farmers. When you work with wood to build or craft you can quickly feel the kinship of fellow woodsmiths.  I felt compelled to seek out these fellow travelers and find our synergy.  After a few visits to my questing nest and then to their commercial campus. I call them the Rock Stars for a few reasons.  The sheer speed of there ascension to Commercial Aquaponic Farmers and Trainers is alone enough of a reason to identify them as our Rock Stars.  The sharp focus of their goal, the quality of craftsmanship of their work will amaze you.  I have worked with several near master craftsmen in my like although brief encounters they often have a charisma that is hard to explain. You always come away energized and renewed.  Every time I have the chance to spend some time with Gina and Tonya I make it time to learn and have fun, I always make sure I have some Idea apples for my teachers.  They amaze me with what they have built and accomplished in such a short time.  Watched them meander the cosmic delays of the repeated shipping of the bent greenhouse frame delays and turn this temporary impediment into a lesson and reward.  Like all of these Aquaponic warriors they are very generous of their time and patience with me. Today is the Day.  Green Acre Organics  sold its first crop at the Inverness Farmers Market.  They delivered LIVE Aquaponic lettuce to masses.  I was once again blessed to be there at this event and I got to experience the Grace of the Goddess while the Dynamic Duo finally were able to meet that great milestone.  They informed, amazed, educated and feed the curious seekers at the market but most of all just got to rejoice in seeing the deed done. I can only image the jubilant conversation that will ensue on their travel back to the farm.  How to do it next time, who came up to the booth and what they said.  Knowing these two the laughter will be flowing. I thank them first for being my fiends.  Next I thank them for the Tribe for doing what most of us are still dreaming of... Building it and doing it. I can't tell you how anxious I am to take the training at Green Acre Organic by the Friendlys.  If the proof is in the pudding than the Friendlys are on to something.  Sure there are many working a successfully Aquaponic training's but these are my friends at Green Acre Orgaincs and if you told me a year ago they would be here now I would have believed it. Because as in the most important step in the magical creation of reality they knew it was to be and manifested it so. If you are serious about building commercial operation. Do as we use to say about rock concerts -GET THERE!

I name them the Dynamic Duo Rock Stars of Aquaponics. 

I know there are many Names and Pioneers in our Aquaponic fellows.  I don't know many of the personally.  I had the fortune to meet and work with some of the great minds in our field of dreams.  The wheel of life turns again and again. In the 70s I worked at New Alchemy Institute with Earle Barnhart now living in the ARK where we pursued Solar Aquaculture (not yet called aquaponics) as part of a way to feed the world and again not to have meet John Todd of Ocean Arks International "To Restore the Lands, Protect the Seas and Inform the Earth's Stewards". Now I am once again doing my part to turn this wheel.   I am but again humbly scribe one more time. 


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Comment by Green Acre Aquaponics on February 22, 2011 at 11:57am
Cosmo; friend, scribe, bringer of laughter and light-heartedness.  Thank you so much for your kind words and praise.  We are so lucky and blessed to have found this journey we are now on and even more blessed by the people we have met because of it.  Thank you for visiting us at the market and documenting our first ever sale.  You are right, there was much laughter and incredulous jubilation on the ride back to the farm.  I remember finally looking up at Tonya at least 45 minutes into the market to say, 'Oh my gosh!'  As we had so much interest and people young and old were absolutely enthralled.  We truly hope to make this aquaponic quest something that will revolutionize farming and how this planet feeds people.  So glad you are part of it and even better yet, our friend. 
Comment by Sahib Punjabi on February 20, 2011 at 7:29am

Dear Cosmo Sir,


I am sincerely humbled. Thank you.


You yourself are such a wonderful person and one who is always willing to share and support...just see this beautiful post and photographs of Gina & Tonya's Green Acre Organics first "Farmers Market" venture. What a nice thing to do so that we can all share in their success.


Raychel Ji, thank you for your blessings. I also honestly enjoy reading your posts and your Aquaponic adventures are so encouraging and fun to read. I love that you are spreading this way of life in your own powerful letting the youth actually live it!


God bless, 


Comment by Raychel A Watkins on February 19, 2011 at 2:38pm


What a beautiful blog.  You have described Sylvia, Sahib and the duo from Green Acres so perfectly.  I missed Sylvia so much when she was't online for a couple of days I had to send her a message to assure myself she was alright.  I too call this my village.  I may visit other towns now and then but never for an extended time.  I like the chickens come home at night to roost.  You bring humor to our site and many days breaks up some too seroius attitudes.  Mahalo from my side of the country about as far from your side as you can get.

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