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The simple little pleasures of life hanging in the sky chair in the oak tree listening to the Windchime watching the sunset.
Today my wife made yellow cupcakes with orange marmalade topping. Although she's always been a master pudding maker and an accomplished baker she has definitely expanded her repertoire by becoming a Martha devote. I confess i enjoy the show. Being in the greenhouse alone especially at this time of day. It is like a temple of solitude. An orchestra of sounds of nature both inside and our. 
Today I realized while I was in the greenhouse. That the sound of the submerged water heater clinking in the fish tank was the fish knocking up against it to make their feeder, which is on top, spill a couple of loose pellets. Just goes to show how smart those little alien tilapia are. Tasting smells can bring you to places especially memories like no other sense can. It is truly amazing thing in nature that beautiful flowers turn into tasty fruits. Let's not forget our silicone creatures. Today I created this blog on my iPhone

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Comment by TCLynx on March 1, 2011 at 9:08pm
sounds like you could probably work out some form of demand feeder.

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