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Take the good and the bad for what it is...

Well all is not well in the Northeast here.  OF course with all bad news is good news so the good news is we have started clearing out the vacant home we purchased and glad to say most of the trash is gone.  Now on to the demo once the power company drops the power lines.


As for the bad news, these sub zero temps have taken their toll on the outdoor system.  Water pump is frozen and beds froze over.  The kale is on the way out the door due to the…


Added by John Cubit on January 8, 2014 at 11:03am — 1 Comment

Urban Farming and the rest of us....

One of the biggest things that irritates me is Urban farming. Not talking about the practice of urban farming but of the lean that urban farming in New York State is just in NYC.  It is bothersome that NYC is all that folks think of when they thing of NY State, personally the are biggest social economical baggage that the state has and the state would be better off without it.  That being said, just do some research on Urban Farming in NY State.  Even Cornell University focuses in on the…


Added by John Cubit on February 9, 2013 at 7:05pm — 2 Comments

Strange but true.

A little sad and a little funny.  I was watching my fish a few hours ago and was watching them fight, as usual.  The chase of the food.. I ran out to the store and when I got home I went back to check on the pumps and tanks and the tank seemed unusually quiet and calm.  Looked down and, there was gold...another gold. another gold....and silver.  Silver?

I looked closely and noticed a tail sticking out of the pump.  I shut it off and out floated what was left of the bully fish.  Seem…


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What is going on..

Not to sure about what is going on with my setup.  One fish died overnight and two more are on the way out.  pH is at 7.0 today but was at 9.0 last night.  Ammonia is still at 1.0 and still no sign of nitrites or nitrites.  Water temp hi is 74 low is 71.4.

Cuttings look great, made mini terrariums with old soda bottles to cover the plants, also added a neck to the siphon to raise water level to reach seeds and cuttings for the time being.  Smells a bit fishy in the tank, but then I…


Added by John Cubit on September 23, 2012 at 9:34am — 3 Comments

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