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One of the biggest things that irritates me is Urban farming. Not talking about the practice of urban farming but of the lean that urban farming in New York State is just in NYC.  It is bothersome that NYC is all that folks think of when they thing of NY State, personally the are biggest social economical baggage that the state has and the state would be better off without it.  That being said, just do some research on Urban Farming in NY State.  Even Cornell University focuses in on the city in their guide "Guide to Urban Farming in NYS-Revised 1.24.13".  What about the rest of us aspiring to be urban farmers, to be self sufficient on what little lots we own.  To make the most of the space and help make our communities a little better, maybe even to have a small cottage industry farm.  I think for the 99% of us not in the city it comes down to how our local governments be able to tax us over it, fee us to death and pretend in this collapsing economy that they, the pinky out officials, that have been elected are there for us.  How can we as the urban farmer convince city hall to back off and let us pursue our growing desires?

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Comment by John Cubit on February 17, 2013 at 2:32pm

NY State Population 19,570,261 (US Census Bureau 2012)

NYC Population   8,363,710   (US Census Bureau 2008)

Bronx – 1,391,903
Brooklyn – 2,556,598
Manhattan – 1,634,795
Queens – 2,293,007
Staten Island – 487,407

The population of NYC is about 43% of the total population of the State of New York.

Comment by Eric Warwick on February 16, 2013 at 7:52pm

First off, NYC has more than 1% of NY population (if they don't, maybe we should start an occupy "Occupy Wall Street" movement). Second, that sounds like sub-urban farming. That is dependent on stupid laws formed by warped city governments and HOA's. There needs to be a sub-urban farming movement combined with the urban farming movement. That's just my $.02.  

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