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Places by state to by trout fingerlings

Boulder - Klein Creek Trout farm will sell you rainbow fingerlings

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Fish Run or Tank

Started by Bob Murray. Last reply by Bob Murray Jan 16, 2018. 2 Replies

Greetings  I live in WV and have no system or experience YET with aquaponics on top of that our temperatures here going from the high 90's in the summer (high humidity) to the low single digits in…Continue

Tags: raceways, tanks, trout

Trout in tidal fishtank

Started by Lorenz Michels. Last reply by Jim Fisk Aug 19, 2016. 3 Replies

Hi,I am currently building an aquaponics system. In my design I have 4 IBC's of 1000 liter (= 264 US gallon). Three of which will be a fish tank and one of them will be a sump tank. I plan to use…Continue

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What do yo do to keep your trout tank water cool?

Started by Tom OBrien. Last reply by Lisa O'Toole Jan 4, 2015. 23 Replies

Do you try to cool your fish tank water? Or do you just monitor the water and maybe feed less when the temperature goes up? I've got the fish tanks in the basement so they aren't seeing the 90 degree…Continue

Dissolved Oxygen/Tank Loading

Started by Phil Slaton Jul 2, 2014. 0 Replies

One of the most important items to consider is Dissolved Oxygen and Tank Loading in your fish tank.  You overload a tank’s dissolved oxygen supply and you will experience a fish die off back to the…Continue

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Comment by Blue Hiller on August 14, 2013 at 2:53pm
Jeff, we're you using rainbow trout? What type of greenhouse?

I spoke to MEIFW and explained what I wanted to do and said I'd apply for a permit. They didn't seem to have a clear path when I explained what I wanted to do. Previously they told me hatcheries do not sell to public and did not provide me with an alternate (local) list of approved hatcheries where I could purchase. I was looking at Yellow Perch and found a place in PA. Suing the conversation the person said they ask if there was a better way for me to be legit, and he would speak to somebody at hatcheries. I'll keep you posted.
Comment by Jeffrey Walls on August 14, 2013 at 2:35pm

Blue Hiller, Just deconstructed a 650 gallon tank in a 16x24 GH on MDI and am building a +/- 3 tank 1500 gallon (culture tanks only) system at CCAR in Franklin as we speak. I enclosed my tank under a platform with a folding top that I wrapped with tarps inside the greenhouse. That got me through the worst of the worst. Of course fish feed rates went down and plant growth (chard, mixed lettuce, strawberries, collard greens) declined correspondingly with extreme cold. No ancillary heat. I am surprised that MEIFW said they could provide you with stocking fish. I asked them that about 15 years ago and they sent me off with a list of private hatcheries. Best of luck, just in Stockton Springs, love to come check it out sometime....

Comment by Blue Hiller on August 14, 2013 at 1:13pm
I have a 300 gallon (Rubbermaid)tank in a 12x24 passive solar greenhouse in Maine. I am using 30 zip grow towers and 2 flood and drain trays (2x3") each. I was looking at yellow perch (native, cold temp tolerant) but after speaking with a person at Maine Fisheries there might be an opportunity for them to provide me with Rainbow Trout from their hatcheries. I'd appreciate feedback/advice/opinions please. I have no idea what my winter temps will be as this is my first year. I have sunk the tank 2/3 in (14 yards) of stone dust and I installed a hybrid SHCS system in an attempt to maximize heat efficiency. Thanks!
Comment by Jim Fisk on August 9, 2013 at 6:01am

@Jim. Keep in mind that night time cooling can be as simple as a well insulated tank that has a thick foam panel that is removed at night and in place during the day. Can be easily automated as a second stage. Could also be combined with evap cooling as it is actually not so much evap as radiant. The 2 combined could be quite powerful and cheap to run.

@All, second trout harvest this afternoon. This time I will get some pics and weights if time allows.

Comment by Jim Fisk on August 9, 2013 at 5:55am

@Brad, thank you for details. I will do it. Great next step for this design. So nice to have someone else take us to the next level. All else has worked great and it needed this fix for convenience sake.

@Jim, take a look at evaporative cooling. That is the cheapest method and there must be loads of designs out there. Google it and ck out Rob Nash's evap cooler for his GH HERE.

Also ck into night time cooling on clear nights. I remember my brother in Austin TX saying you can almost make ice in the desert using this method and why deserts tend to get so cold at night. Keep us up to date.

Comment by Jim McKown on August 8, 2013 at 8:22pm

The water temp out of the outside faucet was 76 today.  I am currently raising tilapia but wanted to add another species.  I know I could do catfish but trout was interesting.  Fish is about the only meat product my wife can eat, has food allergies to chicken and pork and beef does not settle ok. 

Comment by Brad Moreau on August 7, 2013 at 3:05pm


you go through the side of both drums & double 45* down to bottom of inner drum & there you put the upside down toilet flange. bulk head on outer drum & just a tight fitting hole on inner drum, work great water is clear with no maintenance so far about three month running. my filter is your design 55 gal w/ 35 gal swirl, i just added a rigid filter matt w/ bio ball on top just below the over flow hole in swirl tank & drain system 

Comment by Jim Fisk on August 7, 2013 at 1:32pm

Hey Brad, I like it. I may incorporate one into the next filter. Hard part is going thru 2 bottoms with my design and keeping it all water tite. Doable however.

Comment by Brad Moreau on August 7, 2013 at 10:05am

Thank for info Jim,

Rather than having to clean out my swirl section, i installed a ball valve that is plumbed to a toilet mounting ring upside down about 1/4" above the bottom of tank  ( 1" pipe to 4" flared ) & every couple days i open the valve and clean the solids off the bottom of filter it works great & as a bonus i get fish that grew in tank from fry to 1/2 "or bigger. i use tank water to water soil garden

Comment by Jim Fisk on August 7, 2013 at 8:09am

"A message from Jim McKown to all members of Trout Growers on Aquaponic Gardening!:

I live just outside Tulsa, OK.  Today the temp was 100.  Many 90 degree days in the summer.  Can trout be kept in warm climate without a chiller for the water.  Thanks, Jim McKown"

Jim, please ask questions here as comments or the like. Answers should be shared by all unless of a personal nature

Having said that there are many suggestions already listed here on the group including mine so I will not repeat them so as not to bore. Do you already raise trout? or are contemplating such? What is your ground water temp, etc? There are so many ways to cool things down. Chillers are very expensive. Evap cooling should work well in a dry climate as well. Tell us more of what you have to work with.


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