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Lists of Places to Buy Tilapia

Mail Order in the U.S.

The Aquaponic Source -



The Aquaponic Source - - pickup available in Boulder, CO


This last one is also interesting in the fact that they raise Jatropa plants which are somewhat aquaponically raised. These plants make a high grade of bio diesel. In fact they claim to get 830+ gallons of biofuel per acre of land.

This last link will send you Tilapia as long as you can prove your State will allow them.

It is a list of approved Fish suppliers in California by County
Jeff Givan

I purchased my tillapia fingerlings from edgar sanchez at unlocksmith
he sells breders and mixed sex fingerlings, nice guy his website is tilapia farming at home. He also offers a 75% discont on breeders if you are the first person to find out the rules for bring his type of tilapia into your state
I also purchased Blue Tilapia fingerlings from Rex his email is rrains@hotmail .com anouther nice guy usually has a ad on ebay.
In either case they were shipped via mail over several states I only lost one baby
I have breeders in the basment hopefully I will be having some for slae in the next couple of months pure strian blue and alsoT. hornorum X mossambica cross. This cross acording to what I have read shoud produce 98% male. This would be a a on a small scale.
Before you get any fish make sure you can have them where you live.
The U.S may be the home of the free but no when it comes to keeping tilapia.
Many people catch blue tilapia in ponds and canals as far as a free source. If you would like to buy them, only place I know of without an aquaculture permit here is Morning Star Fishermen.

They can sell Blue Tilapia but they don't ship so you have to go visit, bring an ice chest or other tank and a bubbler for the drive. They were very nice and showed me how to check gender of the fish (once they are big enough.) I have never been to one of their classes or workshops though.

Discussion Forum

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Huck’s Fishing Hole is a Tilapia fish breeder and hatchery. We are one of the very few Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife licensed/registered Aqua Farms authorized to breed, hatch,…Continue

Tilapia dying after PH spike

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I am also a Aquaponics newbie.  I read Sylvia's book and dove in last October.  Everything was great until a couple weeks ago when I expanded my system.  I added a 3'x5' DWT to my system which is a…Continue

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Comment by Pablo on April 7, 2014 at 2:59pm

Identifing tilapia for reproduction

Hi Everyone,

I have 15 tilapias and just separated 3 to a new aquarium with the purpose of reproduction.


I placed here what i thought could be a male and 2 females, however, I have been analyzing their behavior and i am a bit confused, so i took few videos in order to place the question in few groups.

If anybody can help me i will appreciate.


Details of system:


Width: 1 foot

Height: 16 inches

Length: 30 inches

Volume: 94 Liters = 25 US gallons



Temp: 27 Celsius = 80 Fahrenheit


You will see 3 tilapias:

1. Largest one

2. Sort of like singular colour, with fins black/metallic

and Pectoral fins redish.

3. It has more black lines along the body. Smaller of the 3.


#2 seems pretty aggressive and chasing the other two.. They have actually jumped out of the aquarium.


there is mouth fight, especially between #1 and #2,


#3 seems to be chased more than any, though #2 chased #1 even though is bigger.


I am starting to think that 1 and 2 could be males, so i am looking for some insights from all of you.

Thanks in advance.

Link Video :

Comment by Larry Collins on November 6, 2013 at 1:04pm

I'm a newby and just sent a message to all members instead of posting to this board so sorry everyone. But my question is: I see a lot of different info on what to feed Tilapia but can someone tell what NOT to feed them? Thanks

Comment by Stuart Polkinghorne on October 6, 2013 at 7:15pm

I went to a agricultural school in Santiago that have a aquaculture program supported by the Taiwanese. I was not so much interested in the lecture they had on but in meeting the staff, seeing they ponds and breeding tanks as well.

Made some very good contacts that can bring us YY males and supply us with as many fish as we need. We also got some very nice Red and Nile Tilapia to put in our new breeding tanks, some nice Koi and may get a few Pacu later when we have very big tank.

They did talk about putting their Tilapia into a low salt tank for the last month of grow out to "improve the taste". I think (as my Spanish is not so good) they used 5ppm salt water. Any thoughts?

Comment by wes on September 25, 2013 at 11:54am

That may be true about the salt but just a programming note, your plants dont like allot of salt. Salt will also build up over time in the system and be hard to get rid of.


Comment by Robert Rowe on September 25, 2013 at 11:32am

Have any of you folk used Salt to increase water temperature? I have read that they will thrive in fresh or salt water. I live in Phoenix, Arizona where the water temperature (last year) only dropped below 50Deg F during December. My understanding is that if salt is added it will cause the heavy salt water will stay on the bottom retaining heat normally lost to evaporation.

Comment by MARK EMMONS on September 23, 2013 at 12:01pm

i had my first hatch out of fry this weekend having fun watching the fish


Comment by Hydroponics Curacao on July 18, 2013 at 5:45pm
The thing is the pond is small but deep. Fishing is like my only option
Comment by wes on July 18, 2013 at 3:53pm
castnets work the best, or if you can use a sain net.
Comment by Keith Rowan on July 18, 2013 at 12:43pm

it may make them hook shy.. or if you gut hook them (the fish swallows the hook), it's best to harvest

if you plan on fishing (i wouldn't but thats just me) file the barbs off the hooks you plan on using

Comment by Hydroponics Curacao on July 18, 2013 at 12:06pm
If I use a fishing line to catch a tilapia, will it still do fine after I let it free again?

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