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Alright so I went on a wild goose chase looking for some duck weed today! I started of at the park next to Renfree Field but that was all dried up. Then I went down to the River right under Sunrise and asked around the fishermen. One guy said he knew where I could get some weed but it wasn't duck weed so I passed on that. Then I went down to the Folsom exit off 50 where I remember seeing kayakers paddling through green water last time we went to Prairie city ohv. It was still green but it turned out to be that nasy looking clumpy type of algea that reminds me of the gunk I used to see flowing through the storm drains in L.A.  I even drove across town to Aquaworkz but the best they could do was tell me to go check some creeks or streams... So I wrote all that to ask, WHO'S GOT THE DUCKWEED? WHERE'S IT AT?

My fingerlings are growing fast btw- that's why I want to get this stuff now, they are little eating machines! The longest stretch they go without food is overnight while I'm asleep and by the time I go feed them in the morning they've got all the sand looking like it rained in there- all pitted from the fish pecking through the sand in search of food. I've watched them do it, it looks like it would hurt the way they shove their heads down into the sand and then spit out a mouthful of grit. then they do it again, and again. they're all growing fast except one- my son named it "spikey" I have no idea why but yeah that one is tiny and even though I see it eating little bits it just doesn't seem to be growing much at all.

alright well, if anybody knows where I can get some duckweed, do me a favor and let me know.



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Well, just in case there is anybody else out hunting the elusive duck weed, it seems as though somebody has beaten us to the supply behind the old sloughhouse inn. I followed the creek from the reserve all the way to the old bridge but alas I am sad to report there was none to be found.

Side note: The Davis Ranch has some heavenly local honey and the cinnamon honey walnuts are scrumptious! I also stumbled upon a roadside plaque that states there has been over 1,500,000 ounces of gold discovered in that area alone- I thought that was kind of cool. Except for the fact that it put so much silt into the river that the farmers clear down to Sacramento and San Joaquin had to sue the miners in order to get them to stop. Oh, also Jared Sheldon, the founder of the Mill where the sloughhouse inn now sits, and two others were shot dead by miners for building a dam that flooded their claims. Duck weed or not, it's a colorful place and makes for a nice drive. Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow and if I swing and miss again I just may be calling Mr. Parr for that $10 parcel! :)

Eureka! Found it at Page’s Fountains & Water Gardens
5331 Kohler Avenue (2 miles from me...)

Of course they're not open for business today but I spoke with Ron, the owner, and he says I can get "quite a bit" of duckweed for a couple dollars so we'll see what that looks like tomorrow. Thanks Aquapeeps!

Sorry about the Sloughouse being dry, I will buy some from Pages as mine is getting weird looking. sounds like it turned out OK though I need to make a trip out there anyway myself when the fresh corn start coming in. :)

Yeah yeah no worries it was a nice drive and if he could my dog would thank you kindly! He got to jump in every green body of water from Sacramento to Ione and back! I even checked Folsom lake! You get the most amusing looks when you ask people about duckweed so that was fun plus now I have a new spot to check whenever I'm out that way. :)

Quack- Page's didn't have any duckweed. They did have some really cool fountains but the worker told me he got rid of all the duckweed last week... wanted to sell me some water hyacinth but I didn't buy any because I'm looking for DUCKWEED! Where are these noth sac sources? and what kind of fish are we using to supply the nutrients for it? I had a real nice chat with a Petsmart employee yesterday that recommends guppies- hardy and easy to breed. any thoughts?

This is painful. PM me your address and I'll pay the shipping to send you some duckweed. I'll even throw you a couple minnows or mosquito fish. :)

lol too kind Jon, I plan on calling you on Monday if I can't find some locally over the weekend. Call me crazy but it's actually been kind of fun running around looking for it. I saw some neat stuff along the way and got some good ideas from that pond shop too. but yeah, this is getting a little silly. Oh and it gets better by the way- I figured I'd put something into the tub to provide nutrients for the DW, right? I bought a couple dollars worth of feeder guppies and no sooner than they hit the water than they started EATING my $1.08 worth of DW! I was wishing my golds were a little bigger so I could sic them on those dirty little guppies! Monday. Thanks Jon. :)

I have noticed duck weed growing in puddles at several garden nurseries.  I once asked if I could have some, and the lady scooped it up and sold me a small baggy for a buck.  I think the duck weed was free and she had to charge me for the bag.  She must have had a laugh about that after I left.  But like you, it does seem better to pay a buck for someones trash than five on gas. 

Next time I take a drive up Centerville Rd I'll take a picture of Harvey's Pond.  Usually this 1/2 acre pond is covered in solid green and filled with happy ducks.  There is also a water trough on Centerville Rd build in 1849 for the stage coach that usually remains full of duck weed.  So if you want visit me in Chico and scoop up some weeds it will be here all summer.

It is fun looking for natural sources of useful things, indeed. I had an appointment cancel yesterday and found myself looking for something useful in a nearby creek. Watercress growing in a drying stream bed. After pulling some out to bring home, I found hundreds of scuds (gammarus) clinging to the roots. Big score. And a few fat dragon fly larva for my bluegills to dine on.

Thanks Bob- noted and I'm with you guys on that trash (treasure) theory! Thanks Jon, great find! Those are the type of things I'm looking for. it's all so new to me and it gives me another reason to get out there with my dog and family so yeah it really is fun. Like that old Ralph Waldo quote, "Aquaponics is a journey, not a destination." or something like that, right? Good times.

Check craigslist. Always available on there. If interested I would like to trade some duckweed for tilapia fish. I grow it to feed my fish I currently have. they love it and i never have to feed them anything else.


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