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While some of this information is found in various discussion threads, I thought it would be useful to have a list of links to website that have step by step instructions & diagrams for various aquaponics set-ups. As a newbie, this was info I was searching for on the web...


   BARRELPONICS by Travis W. Hughey
   Well known, respected, proven method using cheap recycled materials.





   INDOOR - 55 GALLON by The Garden Girl












TYPE:  ?

CREATOR:  S & S Farms –

COMMENTS: Free instructions - just request package



TYPE: Aquaculture-Hydroponic System


CREATOR: Donald Johnson and George Wardlow, University of Arkansas





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This is the well know barrelponics method by Travis W. Hughey
Free instructions from S & S Farms – just request package
thanks for posting these, Natalie. These are both extremely useful guides, in my opinion, and they have also withstood the test of the small amount of time that aquaponics has been around!
Do you have any others to add ?
Excellent article on fishless cycling, with practical feedback and excellent instructions and problem approaches. No need for the advised water change, thanks to us aquapons preferring to generate nitrates. Well worth a read for anybody using this approach!

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