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There isn't a "bugs" forum, So I will put this here.  This is what I have been fighting the last few weeks (and 100+ heat). 


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I'm in Texas too. I feel your pain.

I heard NOLO bait is good for grasshoppers, but it works best when they're young. I plan on using it early next year.

When i put seeds in my grow beds, they sprout then the grasshoppeers get 'em.  Sigh. Gotta come up with some netting or something. 


Looks like good fish food to me :)

No kidding. You need to devise a trap for those suckers and start selling them as fish and reptile food.

I have used Semaspore Grasshopper Control (takes time and works best when they are small), and EcoBran Grasshopper Bait (for immediate kill), they are organic approved and work well.

I've also had good luck with Neem Oil which repels insects and keeps them from molting to the next stage (so it only works to kill non-fully grown), and PyGanic EC1.4 Pyrethrum made from chrysanthemums (kills instantly).

Using a combination of the 2 baits and putting both sprays in the sprayer at the same time is hard to beat, put the EcoBran out in worst areas needing control, the Semaspore will carry over through the survivors eggs for control coming years, and the spray is good for protecting gardens/trees/bushes.

Also homemade bait can be made by mixing: 2 gallons water, a few drops dish soap, one quart vegetable oil, one quart Liquid Sevin, stir thoroughly and add 20n pounds wheat bran, stir thoroughly again and let sit over night, stir again and let set 4 hours then scatter around Orchards Etc. you want to protect. I make my bait 2.5 batches at a time in my wheelbarrow and use my garden trowel to apply.

However devising a trap and using them for fish food would be wonderful too, I've been thinking up,,,or rather trying to think-up how to do so myself,,,,may have to do some research on this, I once read a wonderful book titled The Grasshopper Trap, it was a comedy but reminds me of a book I have full of old fashioned inventions people had come up with for farm use, I will have to look for the book now to see if there is a grasshopper tarp in there, if not maybe I can find one on the Web. 

Here's one I found on the web:

I will probably make several of these!

I was surprised none were mentioned in my book, but after all that searching for the book Handy Farm Inventions And How To Build Them not a word was even mentioned about catching insects of any kind!

Awesome trap. I'll have to try one myself. Thankyou.

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