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For those of you who don't already know, the software driving this site is by a company called Ning.  I kind of love it, and I hope you guys do too.  It is currently free, but on July 20th they are taking away the free option.  One of the tools that they are giving community managers (that's me) to raise money to pay for their site is to sell stuff through Cafe Press, and 10% of the sales can go to paying for the site fee.

Besides appreciating the help with paying for this, I actually think it could be fun to pull together some Aquaponic Gardening tee-shirts, mugs, etc.  Don't you?  So here are my questions...
  1. What ideas do you have for a slogan?  I've had fun with "Does your fertilizer great you in the morning?  Mine does!"  What other creative ideas are out there?
  2. Besides the obvious tee-shirts, what else should we make available?  Hats?  Mugs?  Water bottles?

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Maybe stickers? They can be put on tanks, grow beds, bumpers, computers...
How about a shirt or mug,

Aquaponic Gardener's love Poopy Water.
Bloop Bloop, Bloop Bloop, Bloop Bloop.

If it was OK with the maker of that video anyway. I love that video.
Aquaponics -
The New Victory Garden
Mugs and hats would be great. How about some posters. We could put them up at our sites. This would help to express how we feel about aquaponics. We could get people to submit designs for the mugs, hats, and posters. Have a little contest for best design. Some of the members pictures would look great on posters. We need to convince people that this is the answer to cheaper and healthier food with a whole lot of fun thrown in
Do you have a logo? Do you need one?
support your local agra//aqua//hyrdo//
your own local culture

Most States are promoting grown locally (produce and meat as well as other farm products)
and as aquaculturist's we are growing in the complete circle of life! With minimal outside(off farm) imputs
We should proud of ourselves!!
a though for a motto might be "GO AHEAD...GROW YOUR OWN" supper, dinner, whatever you can think of? salad?

count me in for support
Aquapons "Do it in water!"
Aquaponics "what the heck is that?"
Aquaponics "my fish grow my vegetables"
My fish feed my vegetables and me

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