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I didn't know this was a place to advertise your products. I'm out!

Well, I used to enjoy jumping on here and reading through everyones discussions. Lately however, all I see when I open this site is ads about fish feeders. This is not for me and is not what this site was intended for. If this is not going to be moderated I am afraid I will have to search out a site that offers the excellent advice and information that used to be present here. 

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Please come back and let me know if you find such a place.  From what I can tell, the aquaponics forums have pretty much run their course... all of the common questions have been answered 1,000's of times and there's not enough new material to keep people coming back.  On the 4 or 5 that I've been registered, participation is at about 10% (or less) of what it was 5 years ago.

Ditto with me, I am quite disappointed, I posted an update on my little project,  and am surprised there arnt others. 

Suggestions for getting others involved ?  One thing I am considering is a small hoop house, all portable.

You might try these, it appears this forum is abandoned:

There is not much activity on any of the aquaponics forums these days; possibly Google or Facebook groups but I don't know.

You are correct that we do not allow advertising on this site.  If people want to post that they have spare or used aquaponic supplies, thats fine.  Community sites are about helping each other, and we encourage this collaboration.  But if you see any posts from companies or potential bots, please reach out to the moderators and we will take them down!

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