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Twas a little chilly Raft Bed Saga Part 2

Raft Bed Saga Part 2
This day in November, to be plumbing wet liner and splashing in water.
But once a project thus started, it must be completed, unless paying work is what is competing.

I'm sorry my poetry may not be compelling but here are some pictures to quell your misgivings.

Last night I did fill the liner with water to see what would happen.
Come morning I found that the bed was a bowing, To solve this dilemma I did add some wire

Then on to the plumbing for which it was chilly, I'm known to attempt this between pump cycles and spraying.
Once this was accomplished then on to re-filling, the bed it is online, the outcome is pending.

Now on with my raft experiment next to appear, should be some creative raft ideas hopefully near.

I did get a sheet of 3/4" blue board, the lowes did not have any 2" I fear.
This cut in 3rds will cover from sun while I play with other materials I can forage for fun.

Note the wire stays across the top of the bed holding it in from collapse and utter dread.
Then the other wire arch of the same material will be repeated down the bed to support the debris shed.
My hope with wire supports that cloths pins old fashion will surfice to hole the frost blanket and keep out the leaves.

So on to ideas for plant supporting means, perhaps a square of sealed PVC will make waves

What should go with this I'm in need of some names.

And for those that may have missed the beginning of this saga, here is the link to get you caught up.

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Comment by TCLynx on November 7, 2010 at 7:33pm
Sorry the link above isn't working
First installment
Here is the next installment
Third installment
Comment by TCLynx on November 7, 2010 at 9:28am
Errr, :(
Well the stays didn't, stay that is. I came out in the morning to find most had sprung off. So working with some of my favorite AP tools, ratchet straps, I pulled the sides back in and re-bent the stays to hopefully be more secure this time.

I think I will be going and getting some of those short metal fence posts to pound in around the sides of the bed to give additional support. I'll probably need to drain that bed down quite a big before I go to pound them in. Kinda tricky since that bed probably holds well over 600 gallons of water and I don't intend to just dump it.
So, If I flip the stand pipes in the 6 beds that will perhaps hold a bit under 300 gallons and if I shut off the pump in the float controlled bed that will stay flooded so then maybe between the sump and an extra stock tank I might be able to get that bed down to a few inches of water to let me lean the sides in a bit as I pound in some stakes.

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