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Is it gluten intolerance or gluten overload that is the problem?

Like so many things that are "bad" for us, it seems they have become bad primarily since they have evolved into highly processed versions that are present in almost everything we consume. Maintaining a healthy body through supporting the natural biology present within and on our bodies is the key. Like our soils and the water/media of aquaponics systems.

Living beings are merely a reflection of the state of health that their microbiology is in.

As I read and live the reality of a body that is constantly thrown into a state of crisis from the reaction to my environment and food choices, I relate more and more to my aquaponics systems.

In an aquaponics system, I can see on a daily, even an hourly time frame, just how healthy my plants and organisms are. The look of the plants standing upright, vibrant or drooping and turning a pale shade are telltale signs that present themselves on an hourly basis.

The smell of the water, the clarity, the sounds of the water flowing, the position of the fish, how engaged they are to me and the other fish, the vigor with which they eat, all give me immediate feedback on their state of health.
But underneath it all lies the microbiology. The smell of the media beds, the coating of algae and type of algae in the tanks, the look and activity of the compost worms. These help me gauge the underlying conditions that are the "Canary in the Coal Mine".

In soil farming, farmers and industry have managed to overcome nature, at least for a short while, to grow food in spite of itself. The time it takes takes to observe, react and correct the problems takes a good bit of education. With soil preparations, amendments, weeds and pest control, it very quickly became obvious and a bit depressing that I just was not able to grow much food in my yard. Even more disheartening since part of my volunteer work was with farming groups that taught that very thing.

Aquaponics to the rescue!

With aquaponics I have been able to grow things I had never grown before.

With aquaponics I have fish everywhere that although more like pets happy to greet me for a meal, I know that I could count on them for a meal, if needed.

With aquaponics I have found a passion and drive to make sense of what I am doing with my time on earth.

So as we read dire warnings about what's good or bad for us, we need to be focused on the little things too.

Keeping the microbiology happy and balanced within us and around us will go along ways towards improving our health and lifestyles.

Don't sweat the bad stuff, just offset it with plenty of the good stuff to overwhelm it.

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Comment by Jim Fisk on August 20, 2012 at 6:45am

Jim, I could not agree more. Well said. Having grown up with a dad who is in the congressional record warning of the dangers of soil depletion back in the 50's, I am well aware of your well laid out thoughts. Ap forces us to address the microbes which in the end are the foundation for good health. The true meaning of the now corrupted term "organic" is once again meaningful when applied to ap. As I stated on another ap forum "organic to me means that Monsanto had nothing to do with it and Mother Nature had everything to do with it. There is no chemical cheating when it comes to ap.

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